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Designing Innovative School Playgrounds

Innovative Playground Designs and Why They Work

AAA State of Play offers a wide variety of playground equipment that you can use as you create innovative playground designs for schools. As you design a playground, it is important to understand the study of play systems design and the way that it has evolved as you consider the different school playground designs you want to incorporate for your institution. Many schools, parks, and churches are trying to incorporate more playground equipment for special needs children. Other schools are looking at how to use the natural landscaped to create a welcoming playground.

What Is Involved in Innovative Playground Design

Innovate playground design can range from creating a space that allows children to explore and build their own play space to encouraging imaginative play and adventures. Other innovations may include building a park that is accessible to all, including children with physical limitations such as those in wheelchairs, to giving older children the chance to run and exercise. The theories behind playground design continue to evolve, and as you design your park, you may choose different types of structures depending on the needs of those who will play on it. As you begin to purchase equipment, be sure you think about landscape design and the overall location of the park in addition to the items being added.

Adventure Playgrounds

One play systems design movement focuses on adventure playgrounds. These playgrounds focus on adding an imaginative flair to the play of children by allowing them to use things around them to build forts and tree houses. These playgrounds however are not recommended, as without proper supervision injuries are likely to happen. Aspects of this type of innovative playground design however can be incorporated into the traditional playgrounds such as those purchased from our online store. Children can work together with adults, and with adult supervision, to build and add elements to play structures, encouraging creativity in children.

Playgrounds for Children with Disabilities

If you are looking for playground designs for schools, you may want to take a more traditional approach. However, many schools are looking for designs that make it possible for children with disabilities to be able to play on the equipment, as well. These playgrounds incorporate special swings and ramps that make it easier for children to participate in the play. These playgrounds give children the opportunity to become more aware of the needs of others. They also provide people of all abilities a chance to play and interact with their peers.

Weight Loss and Playground Equipment

Some school playground designs are created to help encourage movement and to build strength and encourage more exercise. If your school population is struggling with obesity, you may want to shop for equipment that encourages building upper body strength, running and climbing. These types of structures have monkey bars, climbing walls and bridges. These provide more opportunities to encourage student activity can help students become healthier and increase concentration in the classroom.

AAA State of Play and Innovative Playground Design

We offer a number of innovative pieces of equipment for children of all ages. When you are ready to design and buy playground equipment, we have the resources you need. Just visit our frequently asked questions page, or call and speak to a representative about your purchase. With careful design and implementation, you can create an innovative play space that allows children to grow, explore and play. We provide quality playground equipment that will last for years.

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