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Guide to Grants for Equipment

Financial Resources and Grant Information to Afford New Playground Equipment

Having a fun and safe environment for kids to play can make a big difference in a child's life, as play structures offer opportunities for learning through imagination and exploration. Many communities and organizations would benefit from updated play areas, but find themselves constrained by budgetary limitations. Funding shouldn't be a barrier to providing kids with a quality play area. Whether you're hoping to build a new outdoor play area or renovate an existing one, grants for school playgrounds can help bridge the gap between your budget and necessary costs. The grant research and application process requires effort, but can ultimately provide access to funds that will make a real difference in your project.

There are many different organizations that award grants for play area equipment. Many charitable foundations that focus on children's fitness and wellbeing allocate funds for improvements to outdoor recreation spaces and equipment for physical play. Non-profits dedicated to community development are another great resource for finding available playground equipment grants. They often provide comprehensive grant listings and information on writing applications and proposals. In addition to private organizations, local and federal government agencies offer a wide range of grants. Search the national database for applicable federal grants. Remember to cast a wide net when searching for federal grants as play areas and equipment may fall within the qualification criteria for children's fitness, recreation, and more. While the federal government offers some suitable grants, the majority of government grants for playground equipment for schools and communities in need are offered at the state and municipal level. Research your local government agencies and contact your local parks department for additional resources. They may be able to direct you toward government offices and charitable foundations that offer grants for playground equipment for schools, churches, and other community organizations in your area.

There are several important things to remember while researching grants. Always confirm that a resource is legitimate before moving forward--don't be afraid to ask questions or do additional research as there are many unscrupulous scams aimed at grant seekers. Be aware of common red flags like grants that require an application or processing fee. When you do find suitable sources for funding, carefully examine the qualification criteria before working on the proposal. Grant funds are often earmarked for very specific purposes and can have exacting requirements. For example, you may find that some grants for school playgrounds can be used by private daycare centers while others are specifically limited to accredited K-12 programs. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification from the granting organization if you're unsure of your organization's eligibility. This will prevent you from wasting time on proposals for unsuitable grants. Instead, take your time and carefully craft proposals for grants that count. When you apply for playground equipment grants, applications typically require detailed information on your purchase plans. When outlining these plans, thoughtfully consider what type of equipment you need to meet your ultimate goals for the play space. Remember to take into consideration any compliance regulations set forth by the granting group. In fact, it may also be helpful to research national and local outdoor play area safety guidelines to ensure that your proposed plans meet all appropriate safety standards.

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