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Angeles Puppet Tree

Manufacturer: Angeles

1-2 weeks, Ships UPS Ground
List Price:
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$151.89 You Save: 20%($37.97)
Age Group:
6 months to 5 years
Product Highlights:
  • Cheerful place to hang puppets
  • Each branch is capped with a ball for added safety
  • Large square base balances it
  • Wonderful addition to any classroom

Product Description

With this handy Puppet Tree, there is no such thing as too many puppets. Kids love playing with different kinds of puppets, and the more you have, the more characters they can play. But if you simply fold your puppets up or throw them in a box when they’re not in use, they can become damaged. This Puppet Tree carefully supports each puppet, and displays them in a way so that it is easy to find the one you’re looking for. There are a total of 33 branches on the tree which each hold an individual puppet. The branches have different lengths to hold puppets of different sizes, and are capped off with colorful wooden balls that make them both safe and visually appealing. The tree is also a great hat rack, or place to hang up wet clothes to dry.

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