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Atomic Playgrounds

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Atomic Playgrounds bring indoor play to life. Specializing in indoor play structures featuring adventurous storylines and exciting themes, Atomic Playgrounds offer play systems characterized by an indescribable wow factor. With 19 years of experience building indoor playgrounds, Atomic Playgrounds knows how to combine fun learning, safety, and originality.

Each play area is filled with activities that engage children in physical and mental challenges. The soft structures brim with opportunities for children to push their physical boundaries in a safe, cushioned environment. And winding layouts lend themselves to social interaction, cooperation, and imaginative play, while distinct themes provide a backdrop for creative invention. Atomic Playgrounds brings indoor play to life and provide kids with a dynamic playscape upon which they can explore, bond, and connect. Every structure gives parents the security in knowing that they are safe. Atomic Playgrounds makes sure that each one meets or exceeds safety guidelines set forth by IPEMA. Atomic Playgrounds, beyond anything else, is known for their originality. They can engage children in play with each structure as they are designed in new ways that capture the imagination.