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Chain and Rope Climbers

Rope Net Playground Equipment and Climbers

When kids play outdoors, one of their favorite activities is climbing. A top-quality playground net can help kids exercise and use their energy to reach a goal. Our selection of playground nets includes chain and rope climbers of many sizes and styles. Adults who supervise on the playground know all too well that children often climb on equipment that is not meant to be climbed: Help children stay safe by providing them with a playground net intended for climbing!

Safety is a top priority for playground equipment manufacturers and for AAA State of Play. That is why only the highest-quality chain and rope is used in the construction of these climbing structures. Rope net playground equipment must adhere to CPSC guidelines and ASTM regulations. Safety surfacing becomes more important as climbers get higher and falls can become greater. A playground climbing rope or structure that reaches 8 feet tall, for example, should be accompanied by an adequate safety surface such as engineered wood fiber. We carry many different surfaces, so you can count on us to supply the safety flooring you need along with your climber.

These freestanding climbers offer an activity different than the traditional play system. Choose your chain or rope climber based on your budget and target age group from our wide selection for a product that caters to your needs. You can choose a freestanding playground net in large or small sizes. Some structures have attached plastic wall climbers in addition to the central playground nets. For added fitness benefits, older children can take on the challenge of using a playground climbing rope. For instance, our Quad Rope Climber mounts several ropes to one structure. This particular piece is a great choice for schools and could be used in physical education classes. Other playground nets twist in a spiral or spread out like a web.

Our expert customer service team is waiting to take your call if you have any questions about which equipment will best fit your playground. If you need help with installation, we offer full and supervised installation services. Contact us today to get the best equipment for your play space at great prices!

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