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Challenger Climbers

Challenger Climbers: Rope and Plastic Combination Climbing Structures

Challenger Climbers let kids climb in ways that no other climbers can offer. Each of them features one or more climbing panels have a distinct twisted shape. Kids will test themselves by seeing if they can keep going when the wall turns sideways. The combination of footholes and injection-molded hand grips gives them plenty of places to hang on from. In case the twisted wall proves to be too difficult, most models of Challenger Climbers also come with net panels that can much more easily be climbed up and over. At an impressive seven feet high, these structures are tall and wide enough to give several children plenty of space to climb around, but not too big to be safe for all school aged children. The materials used in their construction, including rotationally molded plastic and nylon coated steel netting, are chosen specifically for their durability. That way, you can be certain that these climbers will stay just as fun and challenging for years to come.

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