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Modeling the behaviors of others helps children grow and develop into well-rounded adults. And dolls provide the opportunity for kids the engage in exploratory and modeling behaviors from a young age. Playing with dolls offers children the chance to express their emotions safely, learn fine motor skills, and interact with parts of the world they may not have encountered - engaging their imaginations.

At AAA State of Play, we value children and their emotional development. Kids can use our dolls to express their emotions and dreams through non-threatening, dramatic play. In doing so, they learn to process their feelings and roles healthily.

Dolls also provide an excellent way for children to practice their fine motor skills. It’s difficult for a child to learn to zip, button, and snap. Dolls facilitate this type of physical development.

Our toys bring the world to children. AAA State of Play recognizes that people come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes. And that's reflected in the products we carry. We aim to include everyone in a world of play and learning.

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