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Guide to Effective Play Supervision for Parents and Guardians

Tips for Parents/Guardians Practicing Effective Playground Supervision

Proper playground supervision ensures children enjoy themselves in a safe and active environment. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that multiple playground injuries occur annually. Roughly 15% of accidents result in severe injuries. The CPSC also revealed that 500,000 children experience playground related injuries each year and small children, four years of age and under, represent 50% of all injuries. Corporate facilities interested in the installation of playground equipment should ensure that parents and guardians are welcome to participate in supervision.

Inspect Playground Equipment for Maintenance

Maintenance is an important component of running a safe play area for children. The majority of injuries that occur in public play spaces happen during climbing activities. The CPSC reports that 60% of injuries are due to falls. Consequently, installing a protective ground layer reduces the risk of severe head injury.

Commercial playgrounds should include a minimum of one foot of sand, woodchips or rubber mats underneath each play structure. In addition, checking to ensure that "S" hook hardware, or other hardware that protrudes, is covered prevents children's clothing from being caught. Equipment that stands taller than 30 inches should be nine feet away from other equipment, at minimum. Maintenance personnel should remove rocks, tree roots and other tripping hazards from the play area. Structures that include raised portions, such as a slide's ladder, should have a handrail for children to grab. Finally, checking equipment regularly helps prevent equipment failure.

The distance between swings matters, too. They should sit a minimum of eight inches from each other and the swing's frame. In addition, the swing's seat should be a minimum of 8 inches from the ground. Playground equipment should not include spaces where a child can pinch his or her fingers.

Parents and Guardians Can Establish Lines of Sight

Parents can work together with other parents to ensure the safety of each child. One important part of supervision is keeping the children in eyesight. Supervisors can create a line of sight and keep a focused eye on each child.

Playground distractions can lead to a catastrophe. Children run, scream and enjoy their play and adults might experience distraction. For example, mobile phones and other technologies are always on. Starting a conversation or checking email causes distraction. Supervisors should consider turning off mobile devices during playtime. If an adult must address a distraction, he or she should ensure that another responsible party could take over the responsibility of looking after the children.

Organizations and Companies Can Contribute to Playground Supervision

Companies that install playground structures have an obligation to ensure equipment is used properly and enjoyed. Commercial playgrounds benefit from adult-to-child ratios. Corporations can post signage around the playground that indicates the minimum number of adults required for a maximum number of children. In addition, a corporation might assign a group of employees to monitor activity on the playground at designated intervals.

How AAA State of Play Can Help

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