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Guide to Encouraging Children Through Themed Playground Equipment

How Themed Playground Equipment Encourages Our Children

Children have big imaginations and minds that are constantly growing and learning from the world around them. They are going to be our engineers, doctors, teachers, and builders of the future. That is why AAA State of Play creates themed playground equipment to motivate children to play hard while encouraging them to learn and play with others. In a world filled with electronics, it can be difficult for parents to get their children out of the house, off the computer, and staying physically active. Increased self-confidence, a safe social environment, physical exercise, and mental growth, are some of the many benefits of a themed playground to play on.

Physical Exercise

According to the CDC, approximately 17% of children are considered obese. That is nearly a fifth of our children, and that large number doesn't take into account children who are overweight. Communities work hard to find better ways to get that number down, and one of those ways is using themed playground equipment. Our equipment can be used as a safe place for parents, schools, and organizations to bring kids to play and get exercise. Ladders build arm and leg muscles, monkey bars and jungle gyms help upper body strength, swings work the legs, and there are several types of equipment that help kid's master balance. As children run around from swing to slide, to jungle gym, they will be exercising without even realizing it. Playground themes encourage children to stop sitting and lounging around, and start working their bodies physically all while having fun doing it.

Challenge the Mind

When people think of playgrounds, they automatically think about the physical benefits, but different types of equipment can also challenge the mind of children. Exercising has been proven to strengthen the brain and create more brain-neural connections. Younger toddlers begin to learn motor skills by switching left and right sides of the body as they climb the stairs or swing their legs. Kids learn the science and physics behind swinging, teeter-totters, and friction of slides. Playground themes encourage children to use their big imaginations. We create entire playgrounds based on themes to bring kids a world of fantasy, fun, and exploration. Using the imagination helps kids learn how to be more empathetic to others, discover new things, solve small problems, and socialize with other kids.

Social skills and Increased Self-Confidence

Our playground themes make it easier for children to relate and feel comfortable in an environment they know and recognize. Connecting with the theme of the equipment encourages children to have enough self-confidence to climb, go down slides, pretend, swing, and play. With an increase in confidence, kids will begin to socialize with other children. Playground themes give children a place to play together. A theme is a way to spark children's imaginations and give them a mutual interest so they can play and pretend together. Watching every type of kid, both shy and outgoing, running around and having fun with other kids is one of the main reasons we build our equipment.

The benefits of themed playground equipment are obvious and AAA State of Play makes it easy to purchase online with our four-step ordering process. Shop our many options and pick out your favorite pieces to make your dream playground a reality. Nothing is better than watching the excitement kids get from playing on our equipment. We have a strong passion for playgrounds and offer a variety of quality pieces to choose from. Our equipment is built with high-quality that you know will last for years to come. Once you decide to buy from us, we will be here every step of the way to answer any questions you have.

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