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Handicap Accessible

Accessible Playground Equipment

Public playgrounds should be a place that’s fun for everyone. This means that they must meet certain standards so that they are accessible for people who have disabilities as well as those who don’t. Parks, playgrounds, and all play equipment must be wheelchair-accessible and meet Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. An accessible playground or park must also have a certain amount of special-needs playground equipment. At AAA State of Play, we can help you meet these standards without breaking your budget. We offer schools and public places low prices on high-quality equipment needed to create a handicap-accessible playground.

AAA State of Play has a wide selection of adaptive playground equipment for sale at low prices. To ensure the safety of children and adults who have disabilities, our handicap-accessible playground equipment is always well-built, durable, and ready to withstand heavy use at any playground or park. We don’t skimp on quality when it comes to our wheelchair-accessible playground equipment or any other product we carry.

For people with a handicap, playground equipment can encompass a variety of classic and modern pieces. Including them in your park will make a trip to the play yard into hours of fun for a special-needs child. Wheelchair-accessible playground equipment including swings, seats, and accessories can adapt to both juveniles and adults to improve playground accessibility. While browsing our online inventory of special-needs playground equipment, you’ll also find items that you can use in many different ways to improve playtime at an accessible playground. We carry top-quality products that meet the standards of the ADA. Playground equipment for handicap-accessible parks can include fun fixtures as well as practical additions like playground ramps for wheelchairs and safety signs.

At AAA State of Play, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring you safe, affordable, handicap-accessible playground equipment that will help kids who have a disability enjoy the benefits of active outdoor play and help you comply with the ADA. Playground equipment and the fun that it brings should be for everyone, and our durable, high-quality components have been specially manufactured to meet the requirements of children with special needs, ensuring that it is easy to use and minimizes risks for children as they play.

Want to know more about our low prices? It’s easy to get a free quote: Simply add our wheelchair-accessible playground equipment to your quote cart. If you still have questions about our handicap-accessible playground equipment, contact our representatives by email or phone or speak to a representative immediately by using our live chat option. We look forward to helping you create a space for more inclusive play.

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