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Horizon Rectangle Fixed Umbrella

Manufacturer: Superior Shade

317.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Unit Size:
10' x 13' with 7' Entrance Height
Product Highlights:
  • Made from a waterproof material that can be printed on
  • Locked in place using a bolt
  • Excellent choice for seasonal use
  • Durable and meant to withstand constant use for a long period of time
  • 7' Entrance height

Product Description

The Horizon Rectangle Fixed Umbrella is a great way to make sure guests can enjoy your outdoor area, rain or shine, during just about any time of the year. Its rectangular shape, with a seven foot entrance height, that has some extra width so that it can provide coverage for plenty of dining tables or beach chairs. Its single-post design minimizes the amount of framework holding up the umbrella, which can get in the way of outdoor furniture setups. The most interesting feature of the Horizon Rectangle Fixed Umbrella is the hollow channels running through each of its four arms. These can be equipped with heating elements during snowy or rainy months of the year, turning your tent into a bastion of warmth. Alternatively, during hot summers, when people flock to the umbrella for shade, misters can be run through the arms to help cool them off.

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