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Maximum Velocity

  • Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity

8-13 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
3 to 12 years
28' x 16' x 11' 2"
Product Highlights:
  • Speed slides allow for friendly competition
  • Two distinct levels for play
  • Various tubes to crawl through
  • Each event is ripe with opportunities for social play

Product Description

The Maximum Velocity play system is a one-of-a-kind indoor playset which is set up like a three dimensional maze. Children will be thrilled to discover one amazing new area after another as they find new ways to navigate the structure. The ultimate goal, of course, is to reach the top level, which has the best view and the biggest slides. These include a pair of Dual Speed Slides with enclosed shapes that allow children to move quickly but safely. They can go down the slide at the same time as a friend, and race to see who emerges on the soft padding at the bottom first. There is also a Spiral Slide, for those who prefer a longer but slower ride. There are many separate and unique areas to the Maximum Velocity play system, all of which are made from soft materials that allow children to play comfortably and safely.

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