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Playground Boulders

Playground Rocks: Natural Climbers and Boulders for Parks and Playgrounds

Up to nine feet tall, our playground rocks provide numerous natural climbing features for young climbers. Each rock-climbing model is built with UV-resistant fiberglass, molded from real rock to look and feel authentic. Kids love climbing on rocks, but we know well that real boulders aren’t always safe for them to climb on. Our playground rocks are made from commercial-grade materials that not only provide a much safer surface but will also hold up against natural weathering and wear and tear from hours of play. Our climbing rocks for playgrounds include options like rubber, fiberglass, and concrete. Children will find that playground climbing is much safer and easier on a rock-climbing model from AAA State of Play.

These beautiful and natural-looking climbing rocks for playgrounds will enhance the design of your playground, too. Choose from different colors and patterns that mimic natural rock formations. The anti-graffiti coating keeps your boulder purchase looking new for years to come. Some of these rocks can mainly serve an aesthetic purpose, while others are equipped with additional playground climbing equipment. Netted boulders have a rope bridge connecting one boulder to another. Kids will love climbing from the rock to the ground and back again on our cascade nets. Our stock features a range of sizes that are sure to include the perfect piece to fit your playground.

Installation of playground climbing rocks is as simple as placement with a skid-steer on a slab or footing and then bolting them down. Boulders have significant weight and require a forklift for unloading. If you don’t have the means to install playground rocks yourself, we offer full installation services as well as supervised installation. At AAA State of Play, we pride ourselves on our great customer service and hope you take advantage of our services to make your installation process as convenient as possible. Find the perfect playground rocks for your personal play area or for your school or park. We accept credit cards, government purchase orders, PayPal, checks, and other payment options. Get a free quote today and find the piece you need to complete your playground.

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