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Safety Signs

Playground Safety Signs

Playground safety signs are important for any public playground area. In addition to providing warnings, signage can also keep visitors of a playground safe by providing informational messages. Safety signs for schools are specially designed for students, teachers, parents, and guardians to read before entering a play area. For educational institutions, school safety signs help protect the integrity of a play space and guard against accidents. Let users know the age group and accessibility of the area they are using, or invest in our playground signs to set ground rules for kids and get your message across.

At school playgrounds, nothing is more important than clear communication along with knowledge of and respect for rules. With our school safety signs, you'll be able to lay out your playground's safety guidelines while keeping your students free from injury and staff free from liability. Installing these signs in highly visible areas can be especially important if your outdoor playground equipment or structures are located across a large stretch of land where children can play without direct supervision. Our playground signs also reflect the growing diversity found in the country's educational institutions and inclusive organizations: Some of our signs are available in Spanish.

As part of our commitment to safety, we at AAA State of Play have a wide variety of safety signs available for purchase in our online shop. Safety signs are an integral part of any institution or organization's play area. Playground safety signs along with additional protective equipment such as soft surfacing can help reduce the potential for injuries experienced by visitors. They also help to keep kids and adults apprised of any issues related to the recreational area. For example, commercial playgrounds located in regions that are particularly susceptible to inclement weather can benefit from a few signs that let visitors know when the play area is safe to enjoy. Place an order online for one of our standard safety signs, choose a rush delivery option, and install your sign in just a few days! Or for customized recycled structural plastic playground safety signs, contact us for more details.

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