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Playground Seesaws and Teeter-Totters

Don’t forget the playground seesaw when you are setting up play structures for a playground! The seesaw has been one of the more popular pieces of equipment on the playground. The popular and versatile seesaw has long been a favorite of children playing outside, and there is little doubt that teeter-totters will remain popular well into the future. In fact, if you glance at just about any playground during recess time, you’ll find kids moving up and down on seesaws of various kinds. And at AAA State of Play, you can get seesaw playground equipment to suit any space or budget, whether you need one kids’ seesaw that seats two children or many playground teeter-totters that can accommodate more than two kids at a time. You’re sure to find the right seesaw for sale at an affordable price.

Seesaws and Safety

It’s important to keep safety in mind when buying a seesaw, so you will want to take into account the recommendations of playground safety experts when you are making your purchase. Playground designers must consider the different ages of the children who will use the teeter-totters regularly, as a seesaw that’s suitable for older kids is not necessarily fit for younger children.

Because toddlers are just developing their muscle coordination and balance, it’s important that they use a toddler seesaw that will not abruptly plunge them to the ground if the person on the other side gets off. Thus, playground safety experts recommend that you use only seesaws and teeter-totters with a spring or rocking element, as these pieces of equipment will gently lower a child and not crash firmly to the ground when it’s time to get off the teeter-totter. Day-care centers will often purchase these types of seesaws.

Another seesaw safety tip to keep in mind is that children should face one another when playing on the seesaw. That’s important for maintaining proper balance and ensuring a smoother, safer ride. Playground designers can help promote this by not placing other play structures in a position where a child will be tempted to turn around on the seesaw or teeter-totter seat to watch their peers. If there are few distractions close by, most children will sit properly on the playground equipment. Considerations like this can help keep the playground experience an enjoyable one.

Kids’ Seesaw Maintenance

When it comes to playground equipment, seesaw maintenance is generally simple and hassle-free. Traditional seesaws will need their pivot point oiled to keep them operating smoothly, and periodic repainting may be necessary depending on the type of seesaw you purchase for your school, park, or business. Heavy-duty plastic teeter-totters are particularly easy to maintain; periodic washing with a garden hose and mild soap is all that’s required to keep them in the best condition possible.

Get Your Seesaw Today

At AAA State of Play, we have a wide selection of affordable playground seesaw equipment that meets all of the latest safety standards and provides children with the fun they want on seesaws and teeter-totters. We have commercial-grade seesaws and teeter-totters for nearly every age and budget, and we want to work with you to make sure that you get just the right seesaw. Playground needs vary depending on where you are in the country and the children that your outdoor play space will serve. Our customer service associates are standing by to help make sure you get the right seesaw for your needs, so contact us today for more information, to get a free catalog mailed to you, or to place your outdoor seesaw or teeter-totter order.

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