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Swings & Seats

AAA State of Play Playground Swings & Swing Set Accessories

On the market, there’s a wide variety of interesting and unique playground equipment. Swings, however, remain one of the tried-and-true standbys of every era. Children’s interest in swings hasn’t waned since their first appearances in outdoor recreational spaces generations ago. Their ability to convey feelings of freedom and flight make them irresistible even to grown-ups. At AAA State of Play, we take pride in offering the very best in swing sets and accessories. We’re doing our part to keep the tradition of the swooping swing alive in play spaces offered by businesses, organizations, and schools.

Our stellar playground equipment includes swing sets and swing set accessories that can help upgrade your existing structures for safety and extra functionality. Much of our standalone playground equipment can also function as accessories. For example, our slides can act as the perfect complement to your swing set, giving kids an extra option for independent play. When it comes to designing the perfect play space, we’ve got you covered from all corners of the sandbox.

The health benefits of swings are numerous and integral to children’s physical development. Playing on swings helps encourage inner ear functionality and balance while also encouraging an understanding of visual perception and spatial relationships. Gross and fine motor schools are utilized to control the swings’ movements and can aid in the honing of coordination abilities. Enjoying a swing can also be a way for children to lose weight in a low-impact setting. The general safety of swings allows children to enjoy the activity with minimal supervision, giving them a sense of freedom and independence.

Swings can even contribute to the intellectual, emotional, and social milestones that kids must meet when maturing. Free swinging gives kids the ability to share and take turns while also nurturing an understanding of control and limits. Imaginations can be fostered through the use of swing play: Many children use this type of equipment when daydreaming about improbable and exciting scenarios that correspond with the movements. For example, a child may imagine that they are a trapeze artist while swinging toward the sky. In addition, the repetitive and calming motions of swinging provide an opportunity for children to unwind and de-stress after demanding days in the classroom. Swinging can often be a natural way to combat depression and other negative feelings in young children.

If you are a purchaser for a school or park, you can rest easy knowing that we only offer high-quality commercial swing sets. Playground equipment located on these types of properties must be classified as commercial grade under federal law. Our outdoor play structures and swing set accessories for kids meet all of the requirements set forth by consumer and child safety agencies that govern their design and use. By all accounts, our commercial options are safer and more durable than those created to function within simple residential spaces.

We also offer a variety of swing set parts and accessories to make operating the sets easier for you and more fun for the kids who frequent your play space. Whether you are looking for functional chains and hooks or more comfortable seating options, we have the add-ons and upgrades that will make you want to throw caution to the wind. Consider adding a shade structure to your swing set to keep your kids calm, cool, and collected.

Contact our customer service team if you want to purchase a particular set of playground swings but don’t see it on our online inventory list. We’ll work with you to obtain the specific set or swingset parts that you desire. For instance, we have handicap-accessible playground swings in stock that can give children with physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the same pleasures that other children do.

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