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Children’s Swing Sets

No playground is complete without the right equipment, and that includes a children’s swing set. Playground swings are a classic, fun, and safe outdoor play option for kids of all ages, and at AAA State of Play, we offer a large selection of affordable, top-quality swing sets suitable for use in parks, schools, and public areas. Our outdoor swing sets are available in multiple designs, including tire, arch post, single post, bipod, and tripod. Multiple bays, seating options, and custom color configurations are also available.

Playground swing sets are a great addition for many reasons. Using metal swing sets gives children the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of playing outdoors in the fresh air, such as fighting childhood obesity and having fun with friends. To ensure that children stay safe, playground swings should be properly installed and well-maintained to avoid injuries. Playground safety can be increased and incidences of injuries on commercial playground swings can be reduced by investing in high-quality, age-appropriate play sets such as plastic swing sets for toddlers and other small children. Fortunately, our commercial swing sets are made with industrial strength and durability and can stand up to years of constant use, even from rambunctious toddlers.

Children can have unlimited fun on swing sets, whether they’re at recess or at a park after school. Our kids’ swing sets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from safe materials such as metal, wood, plastic, steel, and even tires! If you are shopping online for a park, church, or schoolyard swing set, you’ll want to prioritize what features are important, such as quality and design, and keep in mind the amount of space available for your outdoor swing set. It is important to consider who will be using the equipment when purchasing one of our swing sets. Metal and wood sets are appropriate for older children, while toddlers and younger children may find plastic swing sets enjoyable. To get the most out of your children’s swing set, browse our swing set accessories pages to find tools and replacement parts to keep your equipment in good condition.

Choosing the right company is important when looking for commercial swing sets for sale. The company that you work with should be one that knows children’s play preferences and can think like a kid. Our staff are experts in commercial playground swings, and we can work with you to find the kind of swing set that children visiting your space will be happy to play on. In fact, our products and our service are so good that our swing set models can be found in almost every park and school play area!

At AAA State of Play, we’ve made safety and enjoyment our highest concerns when stocking our inventory, from an A-frame swing set for adults to metal swing sets perfect for children. You’ll find that each heavy-duty metal swing set is easy to install, but if you’d like, we can also arrange for a professional in your area to do the installation for you. For a free quote on any of our commercial playground swing sets, simply add it to the quote cart and take the first step toward getting high-quality kids’ swing sets for your play space. You can also contact us by email, postal mail, or phone for more information about our outdoor play equipment. We’d love to help you!

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