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3D Net Climbers

Three-Dimensional Net Climbers are an all-new style of playground structure which offer children a whole new way to climb. Unlike traditional climbing surfaces which only let users move up and down or side to side, these structures give them the freedom to move in any direction they choose. The nets have a large number of places for kids to place their hands and feet, making it easier for them to hold on and climb at their own pace. Each individual rope is woven from strong synthetic materials which are capable of supporting the weight of several children at once. The flexibility of the cords also makes them safer than rigid metal bars, and allows them to move slightly without the structure losing its shape. The ropes have brightly colored coatings, which can be customized to give these thrilling playscapes even more individuality. These climbers are not found on most playgrounds, making them exciting attractions which add unique flavor to any play area.

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