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Wave Rider

  • Wave Rider

Wave Rider

8-13 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
3 to 12 years
25' x 24' x 15' 2"
Product Highlights:
  • Two sets of wave slides for children to ride on
  • Fun moonwalk up to get into the structure
  • Three separate levels of play
  • Fun for everyone of all levels

Product Description

The Wave Rider play set is an incredible wonderland of indoor playground fun, with two separate sets of built-in double wave slides. These each feature two separate slides side-by-side, which means that kids get to ride down at the same time as their friends. This can help make them feel safer, and eliminated the need to decide who goes first. The Mini Double Slide is easy to reach, and can be ridden again and again, but to get to the Double Gang Slide, they will have to traverse a series of unique activities as they make their way to the top. The activities, and the structure as a whole, are designed for safety. Most of the floors and activities are made with a layer of soft padding that lets children enjoy themselves and play without fear of bruises. That, in addition to the protective barrier nets on the walls and ceiling make this one of the safest indoor structures around.

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