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Winter Play Ideas - Learning How to Ski

For anyone who enjoys winter weather, skiing can be a fun hobby as well as an excellent form of exercise. While some parents choose to send kids to ski schools, others will teach kids to ski themselves. If you are going to teach your kids how to ski, there are some tips and advice that should be kept in mind.

When Can Kids Start Skiing?

Some kids will begin skiing at the early ages of 3 or 4. Lessons generally begin slowly and incorporate snow play in addition to allowing kids to put on gear and slide short distances under guidance. Young children should be allowed to slowly adjust to weather conditions, gear, and more before moving to more advanced lessons.

Have the Proper Gear

It is important that kids have the proper gear when skiing. In addition to having properly fitting boots and skis, children should be kept warm with a proper coat and ski pants. Children should also be dressed in heavy socks, fleece, and should be wearing items such as gloves, and neck warmers. As young kids grow quickly, parents may choose to rent ski gear as opposed to having to continually buy bigger sizes for growing children.

Make Lessons Fun

It is important to make skiing lessons fun for kids to keep them motivated. When getting started with lessons, parents should encourage kids to have fun while learning and try to incorporate silly games. Taking breaks to warm up with some hot chocolate, and not pushing kids too hard will allow them to learn at their own pace and really enjoy the process.

Consider Ski Lessons

While some parents may be capable of teaching their kids all of the different techniques and aspects of the sport, others may want to consider lessons. Private ski lessons are available however group lessons are generally less costly and tend to be more fun for children. Encourage children to have fun and listen to what the ski instructors have to say as they are experts. Parents should stay informed of what kids are learning during their lessons. Ask the ski instructor for a report after the lesson. If you can help to reinforce what kids learn during their lessons, it can assist them greatly in learning. Just be sure to adhere to the instructors lessons so as not to cause confusion.

Have Realistic Expectations

When teaching kids to ski, parents need to have realistic expectations. Not all children will grow up to be Olympic skiers and it is important to not push kids too fast or too hard. Learning to ski should be a positive experience. Parents should be patient and maintain a focus on fun while learning. With time, patience, and fun, kids will learn to ski in no time.


Skiing can be a lot of fun but does include some dangers, especially when referring to downhill skiing as it involves moving at high speeds past obstacles such as trees and other people. In addition to having the right gear, kids should be dressed warmly. Consider using sunscreen and lipbalm to protect the lips from sun and wind burn. Skiing is a very physical activity, so you should also ensure that kids have access to water and snacks. Kids should be taught to always follow the rules, and practice skier etiquette to ensure safety.

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