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Four Panel Mountain Craggy Climber

  • Four Panel Mountain Craggy Climber
  • Four Panel Mountain Craggy Climber

Four Panel Mountain Craggy Climber

813.00 LBS
6-7 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
5 to 12 years
6' 3" x 21' 9"
Use Zone:
18' 3" x 33' 9"
Product Highlights:
  • Strong Rotationally molded plastic climbing walls
  • Includes: 2x Craggy Climber End Section
  • Includes: 2x Craggy Climber Turn Section
  • Includes: 2x Craggy Ladder Connector
  • Includes: Craggy Wave Ladder Connector
  • Durable metal bars and roto-molded plastic panels
  • Customizable color options

Product Description

The Four Panel Mountain Craggy Climber is a specialized playground structure large enough to accommodate a number of children aged 5-12 at once with plenty of space to maneuver. Each of its plastic climbing walls are molded with realistic rocky patterns, edges, holes, and hand grips to create a natural rock climbing feel. These walls are intermittently separated by sections of horizontal and vertical metal climbing bars, coated with a safe and weather resistant powder coat paint, for even more ways to play. Children have the choice of going over, under, or through in-between these bars to reach the other side of the wall. Additionally, the fun, curvy shape of this structure makes it more stable as well as more interesting to navigate, while also allowing more surface area for climbing in a smaller area than it would need if it were all a straight line.

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