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Two Panel Cliff Craggy Climber

  • Two Panel Cliff Craggy Climber
  • Two Panel Cliff Craggy Climber

Two Panel Cliff Craggy Climber

488.00 LBS
6-7 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
5 to 12 years
1' 1" x 15' 8"
Use Zone:
13' 1" x 27' 8"
Product Highlights:
  • Made for children 5 - 12 years old
  • Includes: 2x Craggy Climber Straight Section
  • Includes: 2x Craggy Circle End
  • Climbing walls, hand grips, and metal bars come in a variety of color options
  • Natural-looking rocky pattern on climbing wall
  • Sturdy, weather resistant materials

Product Description

The Two Panel Cliff Craggy Climber presents children an unlimited potential for climbing adventures with an outer space styled twist, providing them with an outlet for both their physical and imaginative energy. The rounded metal bars on the sides of the climbing wall have a geometric pattern that evokes the feeling of a UFO or alien starship, and the walls and hand grips are available in a range of colors that can be used to simulate the surface of another planet. The relatively small size of the Two Panel Cliff Craggy Climber allows it to be added to existing areas without dangerously encroaching on the safe usage zones of other play structures. The maximum height of the structure is just over seven feet, which offers school aged children sufficient room to maneuver around on the wall, without risk of injury.

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