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Outdoor Musical Instruments and Playground Equipment

AAA State of Play is committed to bringing you the best prices and customer service to help build the ultimate outdoor music system for your playground. Playing is what children do best, so adding musical instruments to the playground is a great way to help them learn! Playground equipment is our passion, and we love to share our enthusiasm with our customers. Whether you’re looking for freestanding musical structures or larger pieces, our extensive online catalog is sure to have something for you!

The Importance of Music to Kids

Music is extremely beneficial in early child development. It stimulates a social, emotional, and intellectual response from the brain by helping children understand the different sounds and meanings of words. Dancing helps young children develop motor skills, and it even strengthens the memory. Music plays an important role throughout all phases of childhood. Infants love short songs and memorable melodies. Toddlers enjoy dancing, singing rhyming songs, and banging on toy drums and xylophones. Preschoolers and older children love songs that require memorization and are old enough to begin learning to play musical instruments. By installing musical playground equipment in children’s outdoor play space, you’re encouraging them to explore instruments on their own terms. This is a great way to increase confidence and creativity in kids.

Music lessons have been shown to increase concentration, patience, relaxation, coordination, and self-confidence in children. Playing a musical instrument requires intense focus, which then carries over to other aspects of the child’s life. Outdoor musical instruments for kids are a fun way for kids to play music together. Instruments develop motor skills in the same way as sports — by improving hand-eye coordination. Patience is an important trait for kids to learn, and learning to play an instrument is the perfect way to learn how to overcome obstacles and work through problems. Self-confidence is probably the most rewarding trait that is developed through music. Being able to play an instrument is a skill that a child will carry for a lifetime. The confidence and pride that comes with that is priceless.

Types of Musical Playground Equipment

There are many types of playground musical instruments from which to choose, including large drums, combination sets, individual panels, and pieces that can be put together to create a larger musical set. Creating a kids’ music playground gives children the opportunity to learn in a fun and unique way. Free play is an excellent way for kids to learn about music because it is on their own terms. This allows them to explore each instrument in their own personal way and observe the different sounds that it makes. With enough experimentation, they’ll figure out how to make the instrument create pleasing, musical sounds. They’ll even be able to re-create sounds after a while! This type of play is excellent for memory skills and helps to develop great balance and coordination. These musical play structures are also excellent for encouraging group play in children. As they all crowd around the instrument, they learn how to share and take turns.

Ordering With AAA State of Play

When you purchase an outdoor music system from AAA State of Play, you can rest easy knowing that your order is being taken care of by one of our knowledgeable staff. We are a family-owned business that has been providing commercial playground equipment to many happy customers since 2007. Our team puts customer satisfaction above everything else and will work with you to find the best musical playground equipment for your needs. Our four-step ordering process makes placing an order with us a snap! Contact us today to start building the perfect playground!

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