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Sandboxes & Sand Diggers

Commercial Playground Sandboxes & Diggers

Nothing is more exciting than to see a colorful and fun playground. Regardless of your age, you want to run and climb and slide and dig. Playground equipment is built for the kid in all of us. Incorporating a commercial sandbox and sandbox diggers in your play structures will benefit kids of all ages and will step up your game when it comes to outdoor play. Sand play allows children to observe and experience the texture of sand while they explore their sense of touch in a specialized and safe environment.

Sand play at home or in a commercial sandbox encourages the use of the imagination and creativity. While children develop their fine motor skills, they are also using hand and eye coordination. Sensory development is also a factor as kids manipulate and mold the sand into different shapes and objects such as tunnels, holes, and sandcastles in a playground sandbox. While sand play is fun and a great way to pass the time on the playground, it is also benefiting the child involved by helping them to develop skills in a healthy environment. Language development is also a benefit, as children play together in the kids’ sandbox and speak, listen, and cooperate during playtime with the use of sand buckets, shovels, or a sand digger. Children can play and move sand around as if they are on a construction site while using a playground digger. Objects can be buried under the sand so that children can dig in order to find them, very similar to how a paleontologist digs up fossils of animals. These objects, coupled with a kids’ sand digger, can provide children with another type of sensory play. And our water tables allow children to learn how water acts and reacts to different objects. We also have tables that allow kids to play with flowing water as well. All kids love splashing and playing in water. There are tables that combine sand play and water play, giving kids the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds at once, as they get a great sensory experience.

AAA State of Play offers sand diggers and sandboxes that greatly enhance the typical playground. With commercial-grade sand play equipment including the kids’ sand digger, sand tables, and water tables, we encourage fun outdoor play for kids at home, at the park, at day-cares, at churches, at community centers, or at school. Because our equipment is made of the best materials, it will endure any type of weather and last a very long time. We have packages and sets that can cater to any size area or any budget as well. We offer a variety of colors for each piece of equipment and also for each playground digger. Our crews are ready to come out to your business and set up your new children’s commercial playground set as soon as you make your purchase online, as it is a simple process for every customer.

Sensory play is so important in child development. The senses should be developed through things that are entertaining to children, such as playing with toys and outdoor play. Parents and teachers can take advantage of a child’s curiosity by using sand play, water play, fossil diggables, and sand diggers. Kids can explore by building sandcastles, digging, and many other exciting activities. Socialization is also built by kids playing together in sandboxes or at sand tables. When parents and teachers put education first and encourage children to play together in the sandbox with a kids’ sandbox digger as well as with water, kids can get the sensory development that they need in order to grow into healthy and smart young people.

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