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Three Panel Summit Craggy Climber

  • Three Panel Summit Craggy Climber
  • Three Panel Summit Craggy Climber

Three Panel Summit Craggy Climber

975.00 LBS
6-7 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
5 to 12 years
16' 8" x 20' 7"
Use Zone:
28' 8" x 32' 7"
Product Highlights:
  • Built-in Slide
  • Perfect for children between the ages of five and twelve
  • Long-lasting plastic and metal components
  • Includes: Craggy Straight Section
  • Includes: Craggy Turn Section
  • Includes: Craggy End Section
  • Includes: Craggy Hoop Climber
  • Includes: Craggy Mountain Climber End
  • Includes: Craggy Ladder Connect
  • Includes: Craggy Climb N Slide Section with Slide

Product Description

The Three Panel Summit Craggy Climber boasts a number of exciting features not offered by most climbers of this type. The most prominent of these is the slide, which offers a thrilling yet safe way back to the ground for any children who scale the ring ladder or one of the more challenging climbing walls. The slide has a platform sheltered by a visually appealing archway where a child can sit while they wait for the slide and the area around it to be clear of all playmates. The entire structure has a craggy molded pattern which resembles the wall of a crumbling fortress or castle. Kids will enjoy pretending to be its defenders, creating the rest of the kingdom that goes with it, as well as having countless other imaginary adventures. With three completely distinct sections of molded plastic climbing walls and three types of climbing bars, the Three Panel Summit Craggy Climber has no shortage of ways for children to climb, play, and have a great time. Works great as an addition to any playground, or as its own stand-alone structure.

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