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Recycled Plastic Equipment

For those who are environmentally conscious, this category features structures that are made from recycled plastic. Each year these structures help keep plastic out of landfills by turning it into brightly colored playground equipment. These playgrounds are energy efficient as it takes less energy to create these playgrounds than those made of non-recycled materials.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment

When most people are looking to purchase playground equipment, one of recycled plastic usually does not immediately cross their minds. However, recycled plastic playground equipment is growing in popularity! It is an affordable option with many benefits.

You won't be sacrificing quality with recycled plastic equipment. When equipment is made from recycled plastics it often looks like new plastic! With several color options, you also will not have to sacrifice the look desired for the finished playground. By using recycled plastic equipment you will enjoy the same look as new materials without taking a toll on the environment. The wide design variety is also there, ensuring you get the playground you envision.

Recycled plastic equipment is cost effective. The cost for manufacturers is much less due to using the recycled materials. This saving then gets passed along to the customer! You are able to get more for your money, providing a bigger playground for children to enjoy.

The biggest benefit to using recycled plastic playground equipment is the sustainability aspect. These pieces of equipment help to keep plastic and other waste materials out of landfills. Less energy is used to create recycled plastic equipment than to create a new piece.

Recycled plastic playground equipment helps the environment by saving energy and reusing resources that would otherwise go to a landfill. These factors allow the customer to save when purchasing the items, without compromising on price, quality, or design!

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