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Glide Elbows:
How They Help

Glide Elbows: How They Help

Available Styles:
Fabric Roofs

Available Styles: Fabric Roofs

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Playground Shade Covers

Outdoor play and physical exercise can be incredibly beneficial to children’s growing bodies. There are, however, certain dangers that lurk within the sun’s warmth. High temperatures and UV rays that originate from sun exposure can cause serious health complications ranging from mild dehydration to lifelong skin diseases. While children may desire to play to their hearts’ content, caregivers and other responsible adults should take every precaution possible to protect these little ones from play-related dangers found in the outdoors. Investing in durable commercial sun shades for playgrounds can provide adequate sanctuary from the sun’s heat and its rays while allowing caregivers to rest easy, knowing that the children in their care are sufficiently protected.

If you are a purchaser for your establishment or organization, compatibility with your company’s brand or objectives can be paramount when choosing a playground shade structure. Our outdoor shade structures are available in several different colors, sizes, and designs to meet your needs and even fit with any themes that you may incorporate into your play space. Whether you’re interested in covering an outdoor play space that has a standard shape or one with a unique topography, we have the playground shade covers and structures that are right for you. For particularly unique play structures, we also have combinations of regular geometric shapes that can fit perfectly over the most novel of areas.

An effective playground shade structure is durable and large enough to provide comfortable protection for both children and adults. Kids of all ages can enjoy the protection of outdoor shades, as our versatile sun shade structures can be installed over toddler-centric areas like sandboxes or larger equipment for older children. In addition, sun shades for playgrounds can even act as an indirect insurance policy for the safety of your play space, as these structures work to keep playground equipment cool, reducing the potential for injuries.

Each playground shade structure has been specially designed to provide protection from the sun’s rays at every angle. Individuals under our structures need only to find a comfortable position to sit and relax in order to feel confident that they are guarded from the sun’s rays and heat. A wide array of commercial shade designs and structures provide a corresponding variety of coverage and durability options. To help guide you in your purchase, consider how you want the shade structure to look and function. Those interested in buying park shade structures, for example, might benefit from choosing a structure made out of extra-durable steel that can weather the elements for many years to come. Structures intended to be used as part of a private organization’s backyard play area can be seamlessly integrated into the organization’s theme, cause, or brand by incorporating fabrics with relevant colors. Remember, the particular combination of material and color you select can say much about your establishment or the organization that you represent. For instance, child-care facilities that have the most durable and protective playground shade covers may convince parents of their commitment to kids’ health and safety.

At AAA State of Play, we’ve got you covered by offering the best outdoor shades on the market. Simply use our intuitive filtering options to find and purchase the best shade structures available. Browse our inventory based on shape, price, or manufacturer, if you have a trusted brand in mind. We’ll even give you the tools needed to compare two or more structures to help you discover the best option for your organization, school, or business. Contact our customer service team with any questions you may have about our products or to get personalized suggestions based on the look and function of your play space.

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