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Find the answers to the questions we hear most often. By providing you with these answers, we hope to make quest for playground equipment even easier! Don't see your question here? Call us at 1-800-826-2777 or send us an email at and we will get back to you!

  1. 1 Where do you ship your equipment? Do you ship to my city or area? We ship nationwide! We have also shipped orders internationally.

  2. 2 Do you offer professional installation? We do offer professional installation through our own installer. If travel fees are cost prohibitive we can arrange for a contract installer that is closer to you.

  3. 3 Does my equipment need safety surfacing? Can I just put the equipment on grass? In most situations no, you can not put the equipment on grass. Every item requires an area of safety surfacing. The size of the item depends on the size of the area that requires safety surfacing.

  4. 4 Do you offer design services or customized play structures? Absolutely! If you want a customized structure or something completely designed to fit your needs we just need to know the size of the area, budget, and what items you want for the structure.

  5. 5 How long will it take to get my order? It depends on the item. Quick Ship structures will take 2-4 weeks. Custom structures take around 6-8 weeks. Most other items take 2-4 weeks. We will let you know if your item does not fit into one of these categories!

  6. 6 Do I get to choose colors for my products? Absolutely! Custom colors do require a longer lead time. Quick Ship items do not come with custom colors. If you want to customize your colors on a Quick Ship structure, it will take additional time to ship.

  7. 7 Can I place my order online at your site? We first have to set up a quote to get the accurate shipping cost. Once we have completed your quote you can place your order by calling with a credit card, check by mail, or PayPal. Municipalities and public schools can place the order with a purchase order.

  8. 8 I cannot find what I am looking for online. Are there more products available? Yes! Just give us a call if you do not see what you are looking for online. We can provide you with catalogs containing more options. If you still do not see what you want we have the option of having our designer make it for you.

  9. 9 How do I know who I'm dealing with? Are you guys reputable? We have been in business since 2006 and we deal with over 40 major manufacturers. We have customers all across the globe and strive to make sure they are satisfied. We are accredited thru the BBB and are a member of our local chamber of commerce. If requested we can provide a list of references. Our staff is knowledgeable and trained in the current ASTM CPSI standards. Our warranties and customer satisfaction stands for itself!

  10. 10 Can I schedule a site visit to talk to us about our playground? If you are within a reasonable distance to our location we will be glad to visit. Or if your job is extremely large we can arrange for a visit to further discuss design and installation details. If you are too far away for a visit just send us pictures of the job site, measurements of the area, equipment desired and for what age group, and budget and we will be happy to provide you with several quotes that can be adjusted as needed.

  11. 11 Are your playgrounds safe for use in my state? Yes! All of our equipment meets or exceeds federal guidelines.

  12. 12 Is any of your equipment toxic? No. We strive to bring you the safest equipment possible.

  13. 13 Do you have financing programs? Yes! Just set up a quote first so the financier knows how much you need to be qualified for. We will give you the quote and you just need to contact the financier with all of your information. Then he will let you know if you qualify!

  14. 14 Your prices are low. Do you offer additional discounting? Generally speaking prices are as discounted as we can get online. We strive to keep prices as low as we can to remain competitive. Sometimes based on quantity of items ordered or size of order we are able to negotiate with manufacturers for some additional savings to pass on to you.

  15. 15 Is there a standard warranty on your products? Each manufacturer carries its own warranty. See our website for full details. We can easily provide you with a copy of the warranty.