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Playground Climbers

Playground Climbing Equipment and Structures

Choosing the right climbing playground equipment for your school or park is an important part of encouraging children to be active and play. A wide variety of playground equipment can encourage children to use their imagination while engaging in physical activity. A well-designed playground is both safe and engaging to children. As you design the playground for your organization, you want to find play structures that will last a long time and that are easy to maintain. At AAA State of Play, we offer commercial-grade equipment to help you create the perfect play space for any age group. For example, if you are building for a younger audience, our preschool climbing equipment is something you should consider adding to your playground.

Playground climbers are an important part of providing for an active recess and allowing children to enjoy the health benefits that come with play. Schools can benefit from providing a variety of climbing playground equipment, such as geometric dome climbers, panel climbers, and overhead climbers. The variety will give the children plenty of activities to choose from. As you consider the different types of playground equipment, make climbing equipment a priority.

Kids’ climbing structures are a good option if you are planning a playground for children of all ages. Climbers can be motivational and provide a challenge in a constructive environment. They encourage creative thinking, since each child will use a different strategy to reach the top of the structure. You can choose from a variety of structure types as well as material types, such as aluminum, steel, rope, wood, and plastic.

There are guidelines for setting up a playground to encourage both activity and creative play. When you are considering the different playground climbers, it helps to have the entire design of the playground in mind as well as the ages of the kids that will use the playground. If you need help with the overall design or you have questions about the different climbing playground equipment we offer, you can contact us. Our staff is trained to help you choose and design the best outdoor play space possible.

Types of Climbers

  • Boulders: You may want to have a boulder climber that allows children to try rock-climbing.
  • Walls and Panels: Climbing walls or panels offer a different style of play while still encouraging children to build upper-body strength.
  • Overhead Climbing Structures: Overhead climbers, like the monkey bars, are another great option.
  • Climbing Sculptures: If you are planning for a space for younger children, you may also want to consider preschool climbing equipment, like sculptures, that give them a chance to climb and explore closer to the ground.

As you order your playground equipment, climbing equipment should definitely be part of your overall plan. When you are ready to order, you can call us and we will walk you through our four-step ordering process. When you begin the ordering process, you will be assigned a dedicated customer service representative. This makes it easy to ask questions. We specialize in helping cities, schools, and day-care facilities with their playground equipment needs.

At AAA State of Play, we are here to help you as you plan your playground. In addition to climbing playground equipment, we offer a variety of other types of play equipment you can include on your playground, such as balance equipment and swing sets. You can look at all of our options online, but we are always standing by if you have any questions before you make your purchase. You can create a playground that will last for years with the quality equipment we have for sale.

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