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Indoor Playgrounds

Featured Testimonial: "We have been working with AAA State of Play for 5 years now for our growing dental practices. Their service has been great and they have delivered good products in a timely manner. I also appreciate how quickly they respond to all our questions and requests and consistently go above and beyond in their dedication to our organization. I highly recommend them to any business owner." - Dr. Saam Zarrabi, Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics - 12/20/2013

We are happy to offer our hands-on experience selling, installing, and delivering indoor playgrounds of all sizes and shapes.

Indoor Commercial Playground Equipment/Structures for Kids

For many, convincing children to play outdoors is a means to encourage healthy physical activity. Certain dangers can lurk outside, though, and make adults hesitant when suggesting outdoor play for very young children. Indoor playground equipment for kids offers a way for children to remain inside while still reaping the benefits of continuous, physical exercise. The advantages that these structures offer are numerous for kids. Indoor playground equipment helps safeguard delicate immune systems by limiting their exposure to harsh weather elements. When it comes to indoor equipment, AAA State of Play has you covered with indoor play structures on which kids can play and still stay in the shade.

At AAA State of Play, we have a large selection of commercial indoor playground equipment that can fit every budget. Our structures come equipped with all of the implements that make outdoor or indoor play fun and interesting for kids. With our attractive and stimulating playground equipment designs, children of all ages are sure to enjoy hours of fun physical activity while remaining sheltered from the unforgiving elements.

One of the main benefits of investing in indoor play structures for kids is that it offers year-round protection from bad weather. When children enjoy themselves on commercial indoor play equipment, they can more easily remain cool and hydrated than when they are in the blistering heat. Similarly, illnesses related from exposure to the cold can decline, which can help protect children from getting and spreading colds, flus, and other weather-related viruses. Opting for indoor equipment can even be an investment in the longevity of your structure: much like how the indoors can help guard children from disease, a protected environment can ensure that equipment remains free from rust and other types of corrosion that occur due to exposure to the elements.

Browse by age group, manufacturer, or price to find the perfect commercial indoor playground equipment for your needs. Take advantage of our categories to find commercial play structures that fit special needs or requirements like handicap-accessibility or independent play. Use our product comparison tool to see how your favorite structures differ and to get a better view of how specific features measure up against each other.

Consider buying accessories that can complement your indoor commercial playground equipment and provide extra beneficial features to your structure. For example, installing one of our safety surfaces can significantly reduce the number of accidents or injuries that may occur on your playground. Our child care tools can help transform your play space into an active learning environment.

The installation of an indoor play structure can be relatively quick and easy. We do, however, offer installation service for those busy professionals who need to save time and get an indoor play structure up and running as soon as possible. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to purchase a single play panel or a complex structure full of climbing configurations and interactive features, we can set up your playground and have your kids squealing with delight in no time. Ask us for an installation quote to start considering how our services might be one of the wisest playground-related investments you can make.

Whether you’re just starting out with building your playground or are a veteran purchaser, we have the structures that are sure to make you glad that you chose our products. We take pride in offering you the very best playground supplies available on the market. Contact our customer service team for help if you’re having trouble placing your order online or if you’d like suggestions for a playground that will make your business, organization, or school kids’ favorite place for fun.

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