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Funnel Ball & Tether Ball

Playground Ball Games: Tetherball, Funnel Ball, and More

Funnel ball and tetherball are classic playground games that foster interaction and cooperation. At AAA State of Play, we have playground equipment that can make these games both safe and fun for kids and players of all ages. Funnel ball is available in standard, wheelchair-accessible, and colorful fiberglass models. Tetherball is a game that does not require you to pick up loose balls, making cleanup time as simple as can be. Whether you choose one or both of these games, browse our funnel and tetherballs for sale to make your play space the undisputed winner in your city or town!

Engaging in playground ball games is a great way for children to remain healthy and fit. This type of exercise can establish a love for physical activity and lower obesity rates as they grow older. In this way, having funnel ball or tetherball games on your playground can be considered a direct investment in children’s futures. Facilitating these games can be as simple as installing a bit of equipment and following basic tetherball rules, like ensuring that you have the official tetherball court dimensions. The only other equipment needed is the post and a tetherball ball. Once you buy a tetherball for sale in our selection, you’ll be one serve away from endless games and hours of fun on your outdoor playground!

At AAA State of Play, we have funnel and tetherballs for sale that will help you encourage physical activity in your recreational areas. Purchasing equipment like a tetherball ball can get kids moving as well as smiling! Contact us today for assistance with your tetherball equipment purchase or to get suggestions for complementary playground products. For example, buying shade structures to install alongside your tetherball equipment can provide your play space’s visitors with areas where they can remain cool on hot days, and benches can give players a spot to rest in between games. Inquire about quotes for large orders, or chat with one of our representatives online to ensure that you’ll get the right playground products for your needs. Request a catalog to share with your colleagues and show why AAA State of Play remains at the top of the playground equipment industry!

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