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Fun Tubes

Children’s Play Tunnel Products

Add a splash of imagination and color to your play space with this selection of playground tunnel structures. Play tubes are safe pieces of equipment that allow young children to climb and crawl without risk of injury. Something about a crawling tunnel sparks the imagination of children everywhere, and providing one on your playground will lead to hours of creative play.

Studies have shown that crawling is great exercise for everyone, including adults! If adults can benefit, too, it goes without saying that this is an essential movement for toddlers and babies that will help improve their strength and coordination. A playground tunnel provides a fun and colorful avenue that encourages children to crawl through again and again.

Our selection of play tubes includes a number of unique designs. You can find a crawling tunnel shaped like a caterpillar, train, fire truck, log, or a number of other styles and shapes. Vehicle-themed structures include steering wheels and other fun features. Many of these tubes have safe surfacing and handholds that allow children to crawl through the tube or climb along the top. If you’re worried about falls or injuries, consider placing your tube atop one of our safe playground surfacing options. Children who step on board a train-themed playground tunnel may instantly imagine themselves as a conductor, a passenger, or even a part of the engine itself. But sometimes, a blank slate inspires the imagination the most. Our simpler children’s play tunnel options could become a rocket ship or a mysterious cave in the eyes of a child.

These fun children’s tunnel products are available in many different sizes and shapes, but most models average around four feet in length. All of them are built to last, made from durable, commercial-grade materials that will withstand weather conditions and play for years to come. We also offer professional installation services that can make each purchase not only affordable but hassle-free. Contact the customer service team at AAA State of Play for a quote on your new playground equipment now. Our offerings are customizable to your needs, and we look forward to helping you create the safe and fun playground that you’re envisioning.

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