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Balance Beams

Choosing the right play structure for your organization, commercial establishment, or school often requires a lot of research and careful planning. But one choice is sure to be a perennial hit: the balance beam.

Balance equipment is a mainstay of playgrounds for good reason. These pieces offer endless opportunities for kids to learn and develop motor skills as they play. Experts say that play is a vital component in helping children’s minds and bodies to grow. Studies even show that learning by doing helps to build more neural networks throughout the brain and body. Balance beams encourage imaginative, independent play while also helping children gain a deeper spatial understanding and control of their own bodies. At AAA State of Play, we offer several different kinds of commercial-grade balance equipment, ranging from balance beams for toddlers to ones for older children and even adults, all at low prices.

Children begin building their balancing skills while they are still babies. The simple act of sitting up for the first time gives kids experience with equilibrium, control, and agility. The play equipment we offer provides ample opportunities for children to continue to challenge and hone those skills. We specialize in providing safe and durable playground equipment that can let you do just that, whether you need a toddler balance beam or play equipment that can be used by kids of all ages. In many cases, our balance beams can be integrated with other play structures to make for more complex and interesting playgrounds.

So why does developing good balance in childhood actually matter? Highly developed sensory skills help with more than balance; sensory development is also vital for skills like reading and learning. Balance is also an important part of everyday activities like walking down stairs or simply moving from place to place. Mastering balancing skills can accomplish everything from priming children to be star athletes to influencing their sensory perception of the world. With so many physical and mental benefits stemming from this basic activity, investing in balance beams for kids is a small contribution to the limitlessness of children’s potential. While many of these aspirations and achievements can take years to come to fruition, they often start with one thing: a simple rubber balance beam.

In many cases, buying balance equipment is a direct investment in children’s safety. Balance beams for toddlers encourage kids to learn the relationship between their bodies and the world. To become more efficient and skilled with their senses of balance, children first have to learn and respect the rules of gravity. Self-control, agility, and the ability to adapt or change course at a moment’s notice are all skills that will remain useful throughout their lives. When kids understand the very real consequences of cause and effect on an outdoor balance beam, they can be more aware of their surroundings and apply their newfound skills to avoid injury or accidents as soon as they sense trouble, such as realizing that they’ve overestimated a jump or are seconds away from slipping and falling.

At AAA State of Play, we take pride in offering the best playground equipment on the market. Whether you’re looking for outdoor or indoor balance beams, we’re confident that we have the balancing structures that will make your kids beam with happiness. To find the perfect children’s balance beam, you can choose any one of our category filters to narrow your options by age group or price. If there is a brand you trust more than others, you can also choose to view a balance beam for kids designed by that particular manufacturer. And if you need help choosing the best children’s balance beam for your business, organization, or educational institution, just give us a call to talk to a helpful customer service associate. We’ll also offer tips on how to integrate your purchase with any existing playground equipment you may have, including those that feature themes.

Buying durable and safe equipment from AAA State of Play is as simple as placing one foot in front of the other! Place your order today and see why so many people trust us to outfit their play spaces.

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