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6-Piece Small Dog Advanced BarkPark Kit

  • 6-Piece Small Dog Advanced BarkPark Kit
  • Paws Table/Grooming Table
  • Doggie Crawl
  • Small Hoop Jump
  • Stepping Paws (3)
  • Dog Walk
  • Weave Posts

6-Piece Small Dog Advanced BarkPark Kit

Manufacturer: Ultra Site

667.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Description

The 6-Piece Small Dog Advanced BarkPark Kit includes several fun features for small dogs to enjoy and explore. Included in this kit is a doggie crawl, stepping paws (3 steps included), dog walk, small hoop jump, weave posts, and a paws/grooming table. The doggie crawl is made from heavy-duty rotomolded plastic so it will last for years. Dogs with a knack for adventure will have fun jumping up and down the different level platforms that make up the stepping paws (3 steps included). More timid dogs can work up their confidence on the dog walk, which is made up of three non-slip planks that ascend, flatten, then descend. The small hoop jump is designed specifically for smaller dogs, with three rings at staggered heights that stay low enough for dogs to jump through. The weave posts provide flexible obstacles for dogs to weave in and out of. The final product in the 6-Piece Small Dog Advanced BarkPark Kit is a paws/grooming table where dogs can rest after a playful day.

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