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A Musical Playground: Harmonica Resources

Not many people can resist the warm and melodic notes that float out of a harmonica. Whether you want to learn how to play vivid blues strains on the harmonica or your preferences are more traditional or countrified, the mouth organ is a winning instrument. It's inexpensive and perfectly portable, and with a harmonica in your pocket or purse, you'll always be ready to make music. Learning how to make music on the harmonica is surprisingly simple, and you can begin producing recognizable melodies in just a short time.

Beginner Advice

  • How to Hold a Harmonica: Start learning how to play the harmonica by learning how to hold the instrument so you can produce the best sounds.
  • Harmonica Blues Lessons for the Beginner: If you're really motivated to learn how to play the harmonica, you can begin picking up serious skills quickly.
  • Why a Harmonica in the Key of C? Beginners should start playing a harmonica in the key of C because most instruction books with accompanying CDs are in this key.
  • Best Harmonica Beginner's Guide: Explore recommendations for a beginner's harmonica, and then learn how to begin playing this instrument.
  • Which Harmonica Should I Buy? Harmonicas fall into two categories: diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. A diatonic harmonica is often used to play blues and country music, while chromatic harmonicas are great for playing melodies.
  • Which Harmonica Is Best for Beginners? Spend a little bit more money on your first harmonica to make sure you get a high-quality one that will last for several years of serious play.

Harmonica Sheet Music and Songs

Altered Tuning and Layouts

Harmonica Technical Articles and How-Tos

Harmonica Players' Websites

  • National Harmonica League: Joining the National Harmonica League can help you learn more about this instrument as well as give you opportunities to participate in activities and contests.
  • About SPAH: The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica is a worldwide organization that supports harmonica players with information and learning opportunities.
  • Little Walter Foundation: Little Walter was a harmonica player who helped define harmonica blues music.
  • The Joy of Music: Harmonikids: Kids with special needs who want to learn how to play the harmonica can receive instruction through this nonprofit.

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