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Determining Age Appropriate Equipment

Age-Specific Playground Equipment

When you are ready to buy a playground for your organization, there are a wide variety of factors to consider. It is important to purchase playground equipment that is both safe and age appropriate. At AAA State of Play, we offer quality playground equipment for children of all ages and we give you the option of designing a play space that will work for children and infants of different age ranges. Take the time to consider which type of playground you want to design to help you shop for the best equipment.

Infant/toddler playground equipment is normally low to the ground. It is designed for infants and toddlers to be able to crawl through and pull themselves up on; this means that the interactive features are lower and within reach of smaller children. It is also easy to clean. We have a variety of infant/toddler playground equipment for you that will work well for a daycare center or for the toddler section at your church nursery. Some of the infant playground equipment is small enough to use inside as part of a playroom. If you are adding an infant or toddler section to an already existing playground, you may want to section that area off from the rest of the park so the small children do not get run over by others when playing.

Preschool playground equipment offers children the chance to explore and imagine more. Preschoolers enjoy climbing and exploring, and a good piece of preschool playground equipment will give children the opportunity to do this. In addition to climbing, you can choose equipment that encourages imaginative play by being shaped as a fort or a castle. If you are choosing equipment primarily for preschoolers, you will likely want slides and climbing structures that are a bit smaller than what you would find at an elementary school.

Elementary school playground equipment is designed to help children to build strength and balance while still having fun. We offer several different styles of elementary school playground equipment that you can incorporate into your playground. It is important to provide enough equipment for the children at your school to be able to play safely. As you design your play space, consider using a variety of play structures and swings to give each student a chance to play.

Middle school playground equipment allows middle school children to continue to play. With the obesity issues facing the country, you may be considering adding middle school playground equipment to your school or churchyard. It is important to create an area that encourages activity and exercise. You may want to design a space that you incorporate into gym class or something similar.

We specialize in equipment for institutions and schools. It is important to utilize your budget to buy quality equipment that will stay safe. We have a variety of resources you can use to help you design and plan the new playground, whether you are designing a playground for a park or for your school. You can also incorporate playground equipment for all ages into a park and add play spaces for people of all ages.

Landscaping around the playground and keeping the area safe are also important aspects that change depending on the age of the children that you are designing the playground for. If you are simply looking to replace existing playground equipment, or if you want to create an entirely new space, we can help you reach your design goals. The first step is determining the type of playground that you want to design. From there you can begin to pick out equipment and mark out a space that will allow children to play and enjoy time outdoors.

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