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Nine Panel Range Craggy Climber

  • Nine Panel Range Craggy Climber
  • Nine Panel Range Craggy Climber

Nine Panel Range Craggy Climber

2,275.00 LBS
6-7 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
5 to 12 years
23' 5" x 26' 1"
Use Zone:
35' 5" x 38' 1"
Product Highlights:
  • Great for school aged children
  • 9 segments of durable roto-molded plastic climbing walls
  • Includes: 3x Craggy Straight Section
  • Includes: 3x Craggy Turn Section
  • Includes: 3x Craggy End Section
  • Includes: 3x Craggy Geo Ladder Connect
  • Includes: 3x Craggy Ladder Connect
  • Includes: Craggy Tri Connect

Product Description

The Nine Panel Range Craggy Climber is a massive play structure which can accommodate even the most crowded playgrounds. Its beautifully designed structure features three matching arms spiraling outwards from its triangular center. Each of these arms features five different climbing surfaces including three plastic climbing walls with a distinct pattern of hand grips and rocky textured molding, as well as two different ladders for even more ways to climb. Even if a kid wants to climb part of the structure that is already occupied, they won’t be disappointed or have to wait their turn since there are two other arms to choose from. Not to mention that each climbing obstacle has multiple sides, adding up to a grand total of 33 surfaces to climb. The clever composite layout of the structure also makes it relatively space-efficient for its impressive number of features, meaning it doesn’t need to dominate the space of a playground or require a massive zone for safe usage.

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