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Freestanding 90-Degree Ring Climber

  • Freestanding 90-Degree Ring Climber

Freestanding 90-Degree Ring Climber

175.00 LBS
6-7 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Your Price:
$2,323.00 You Save: 11%($275.00)
Age Group:
5 to 12 years
8' x 8'
Use Zone:
20' x 20'
Product Highlights:
  • Eight hanging ring grips built for durability and comfort
  • Galvanized overhead beam with two slight angles
  • Strong clasps for fastening rings
  • Fifth support post to poster overhead beam
  • Made with high-quality steel

Product Description

The Freestanding 90-Degree Ring Climber is one of our more challenging overhead climbers, but also one of the most entertaining. The hanging ring grips move freely to allow children to swing from one to the next without losing their momentum, creating a natural rhythm and effortless motion with each ring that they grab. The difficulty comes when this rhythm is interrupted at each of the 45 degree bends, when momentum pulls them past the next ring instead of straight towards it, so that they have to try and catch it as they swing back and forth. This prevents it from being too easy for older kids, and utilizes the full 360 degree range of motion of the hanging rings. Children will appreciate this unexpected variance, which keeps the Freestanding 90-Degree Ring Climber from being too simple or repetitive and allows them to practice hand-eye coordination in a fun, active setting which also happens to build upper body strength.

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