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Guide to Indoor Playgrounds

Trends in Indoor Commercial Playground Equipment

Playgrounds have come a long way since wooden poles were hammered together and sheets of metal were used as slides. Wood wasn't durable, and manufacturers worked hard to develop a plastic that was strong, flexible, and could withstand years of abuse from kids. Equipment became safer and heavy-duty, but the price of a plastic slide was outrageous. Manufacturers perfected plastics to get the price down, but the trends of playgrounds begin to change. Today, commercial indoor playground equipment is about more than durability and affordability; it is about creating a place for children to learn. Trends in indoor commercial playground equipment have evolved to allow kids to use playgrounds to make music, play games, climb naturalistic forms, and use their imagination.


Playgrounds once consisted of slides, ropes, tunnels, and swings. They were a simple place for kids to run around and get exercise. Now indoor commercial playground equipment has the same pieces, but with additional learning bonuses. Math games can be found next to the landing before going down the slide. Children can match animals and shapes before crossing a bridge. Educational games can be added to indoor commercial play structures, so children can take a rest from running and exercise their minds a little too.


Recently society has become more aware of the environment and desires to preserve nature in its perfect form. This eco-friendly societal trend has created a demand for using natural elements for indoor commercial play structures. Rubber rocks and boulders to climb around, plastic caves to hide in, and plastic tree trunks to crawl through have all become common structures found on the playground. Naturalistic elements help create an outside environment in an indoor playground.


Children love using their big imaginations and inspiring children to pretend it the new trend. Playground structures with common themes make it easier for children to role play. Jungles, pirate ships, animals, and airplanes are popular playground themed equipment. Children feel more comfortable around toys they can relate to and younger children's curiosity will get them crawling through tree trunks, or riding in airplanes. Developing life skills, socializing, and gaining independence are some of the many benefits from playing on themed playgrounds.


When it comes to education, it isn't just math and science that is added to playgrounds. Music is now intertwined with playgrounds. Giant piano keys can be jumped on, drums are beat, and bongos dinged. Musical instruments along the playground make it easier for parents and teachers to introduce sound, notes, and music. For younger children and toddlers, hitting instruments helps them learn cause and effect and pitch; instruments grab the attention of children interested in music and get them socializing with kids around them.

Sensory Play

A new trend in commercial indoor playground equipment is sensory play. Not all people learn the same. Some are kinesthetic learners, while others might be auditory, musical, or visual learners. Sensory play uses equipment that helps children learn musically, visually, or with their hands. Using hands-on tools helps the brain connect and memorize facts and situations better. Dinosaur fossil digging is a new trend where children can use equipment to dig through rubber mulch or woods chips. They can feel the shape of the bones with their fingers and digging up the fossils themselves helps children remember and learn about dinosaurs.

Learning musically, using senses, climbing through nature, and exercising the mind are all trends that make playgrounds a better place for children to play. Playgrounds are about having fun and AAA State of Play has a passion for creating every kid's dream playground. We make it easy to shop our indoor equipment online so you can purchase the pieces perfect for your needs. Easily select what you want to buy and add it to your quote cart, so we can get you a personal quote quickly. Our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you might have about buying indoor playground equipment. Start helping children learn and play today.

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