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X Pyramid Net Climber 1

  • X Pyramid Net Climber 1

X Pyramid Net Climber 1 (98.5-inch install height)

Manufacturer: NetPlay

240.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Your Price:
$6,894.00 You Save: 12%($920.00)
Age Group:
5 to 12 years
11' 8" x 11' 8"
Use Zone:
23' 8" x 23' 8"
Product Highlights:
  • Four triangular sections
  • Easy to climb ladders
  • Galvanized steel support pole which can be powder coated at an upcharge
  • Order ropes in black, blue, or red

Product Description

The X Pyramid Net Climber 1 is a simple net climber with four ‘legs’ connected to a central post. Each of these legs has a wide triangular net which makes a perfect surface for climbing on. The netting uses special connectors instead of knots, which makes it sturdier and more comfortable to grip. The nets are climbable from both sides, creating a huge area of climbing surfaces which can accommodate an entire playground full of children. Each of the four triangular nets is a different color (red, blue, green, and yellow), adding to the already interesting and eye-catching appearance of this structure. The nets are made from synthetic ropes with an extremely high tensile strength, and are anchored to the ground at each corner for stability. The square holes in the netting are the ideal size for kids’ hands and feet, and their uniform size makes it easy for children to know where to step as they climb.

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