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  1. 5 to 12 years
    X Pyramid Net Climber 1 (98.5-inch install height)
    Special Price $5,907.00
    Regular Price $6,750.00 You Save 12% ($843.00)
    Space Needed: 23' 8" x 23' 8"
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  2. 5 to 12 years
    X Pyramid Net Climber 2 (165.5-inch install height)
    Special Price $8,925.00
    Regular Price $10,200.00 You Save 13% ($1,275.00)
    Space Needed: 29' 11" x 29' 11"
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  3. 5 to 12 years
    Ahoy Matey Pirate Tower 1 (146-inch install height)
    Special Price $10,545.00
    Regular Price $12,051.00 You Save 12% ($1,506.00)
    Space Needed: 27' 9" x 27' 9"
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NetPlay reimagines outdoor play with innovative rope-based climbers designed to inspire and engage children of all ages, from curious toddlers to adventurous elementary school students. These unique structures not only promote physical strength through climbing but also fuel imagination and cognitive development, offering a creative and safe alternative to traditional playground equipment. At AAA State of Play, we’re proud to carry NetPlay products alongside our other great offerings designed to help you create the best play area possible.

At the heart of NetPlay's offerings are their signature NetForm ropes. Engineered for unmatched durability and safety, these ropes combine six strands of steel wire with synthetic fibers around a robust three-strand fiber core. This innovative blend harnesses the resilience of steel and the flexibility of synthetic fibers, ensuring that this playground equipment can support children as they explore and learn. The knot-less connectors, crafted from high-grade metal, enhance structural integrity, distributing strain evenly across the structure to withstand the rigors of playful exploration.

NetPlay's playground structures are more than just physical challenges; they are developmental tools. Climbing these nets requires a blend of agility, balance, and coordination, nurturing motor skills while boosting core and upper-body strength. Navigating these complex webs also enhances problem-solving abilities and promotes social interaction, as children learn to cooperate and imagine together in shared play spaces.

Understanding the importance of inclusivity, NetPlay designs with every child in mind. These rope climbers are welcoming spaces where children of all abilities can engage, learn, and grow. And customization options are available to seamlessly integrate our climbers into any play area, including a variety of colors and configurations to match your playground theme and space requirements.

Join us in redefining play with NetPlay's rope-based climbers, where imagination meets physical challenge, fostering a new generation of active, imaginative, and cooperative learners. Contact us for a free quote today.

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