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Stringing together original play structures, NetPlay brings you rope-based climbers. Each event is focused on promoting the kind of full body strength that can only be encouraged through climbing. The products are geared towards children of all ages starting from toddlers and working up to elementary school aged children. These webs of ropes draw children in to play, with sweeping structures that can only be formed with such a pliable material. A safe alternative to climbing trees, the structures force children to use both their wits and physical strength to navigate the structures. NetPlay introduces a type of imagination into their products that children can admire. At the core of their construction, are the NetForm ropes. These ropes are made up of six strands of steel wire and synthetic fiber that cover a three-strand fiber core. This construction allows the ropes to tap into the strength of the steel and the flexibility of the fibers. The final factor of their structural integrity is the series of knot-less connectors that are used. These metal components add strength to the structure by lessening the strain placed on the ropes. Designed in this manner, NetPlay offers strong, safe rope-based products.