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20 Header Paks of Litter Pick Up Bags 100 Count Each

  • 20 Header Paks of Litter Pick Up Bags 100 Count Each

20 Header Paks of Litter Pick Up Bags 100 Count Each

Manufacturer: DOGIPOT

10.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships UPS Ground
List Price:
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$86.00 You Save: 26%($31.00)
Unit Size:
Bags 8" W x 1' 1" H
Product Highlights:
  • Purchase includes 2000 bags total
  • Bags perforated to easily tear away
  • Come with polite message to remind guests to clean up
  • Hang bags on your waste receptacle for handy access

Product Description

The 20 Header Packs of Litter Pick Up Bags 100 Count Each gives you 100 bags within each pack, which means you will have a total of 2,000 bags to put in your dispensers within your park. This number of bags will last even the most popular doggy spots a significant amount of time, ensuring that your outdoor area can stay dog mess-free throughout the year. When you partner these bags with one of DOGIPOT's waste dispensers, you ensure your grass will be clean and the smell and health hazards of dog waste will be safely tucked away. By purchasing these bags, you prompt forgetful dog owners to clean up after themselves. Now, there's no excuse to leave the leavings behind. The bags even include a polite request to clean up. For those looking for a more limited number of bags, DOGIPOT also offers the Boxed Roll of Litter Pick Up Bags 200 Count Each.

Compatible with the following Pet Stations:

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