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Terms & Conditions

Have Questions About Our Policies? Let's Talk! 1-877-826-2776 Have Questions About Our Policies? Let's Talk! 1-877-826-2776


AAA State of Play, a division of NVB Playgrounds, Inc. does not provide third party organizations any information regarding customers who have shopped or visited our site. We will never sell, rent, or distribute your information to any third party. Information we do store, is used only within the confines of AAA State of Play.

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At AAA State of Play, our staff searches for the lowest freight or delivery options available. Most playground equipment is shipped freight, however several independent items ship UPS ground. To receive a shipping quote on playground equipment, contact us toll free at (877) 826-2776. The freight carrier, not AAA State of Play, shall be liable for any damage to the equipment that occurs during shipping.

Freight Delivery

On arrival of your merchandise, the truck driver will bring the load to the tailgate of the trailer. From that point it is up to you to unload the item (the driver is not obligated to help you unload). If you need a liftgate, (to unload the item(s) from tailgate to ground) arrangements will need to be made prior. Contact a customer service representative at our office to schedule arrangements.

If your item requires freight delivery your shipping address must be able to accommodate a large delivery truck. Most addresses are accessible for large trucks, however low wires or clearances directly in front of address will make the location difficult to ship. We will not be responsible for inaccurate or undeliverable addresses. If this is the case, please contact us for other options.

Additional Freight Services

Additional services such as two-person delivery, liftgate service, or inside delivery are not included in the shipping price. In most cases this will not be necessary if someone is available that can lift a moderately heavy item is available to help. Structures and Fun Centers are generally packed on a single skid. These will weigh several hundred to thousands of pounds. For these items we generally suggest manually unpacking to check and verify a complete shipment. For any additional freight services, please contact our office as the fees vary by carrier and region.

Storage Fee Policy

Effective March 1, 2023, we implemented storage fees for equipment/orders that are here in our warehouse and available for shipping out. Storage fees will be assessed at $100.00(US Dollars) per crate/pallet related to each order every business day after your order(s) has/have reached a status that qualifies. Below is a list of qualifying storage fee guidelines. Any fees accrued must be paid in full prior to NVB releasing shipment of order(s).

Storage Fee Guidelines

Orders become subject to Storage Fees of $100.00(US Dollars) each business day if any of the following apply. NVB does reserve the right to assess Storage Fees to any order if/when necessary or the order is hindering our productivity.

1. Your order(s) have been held in our warehouse for 30 days and still have not been scheduled to ship out because the customer is not ready to accept shipment, has nowhere to store their own equipment, etc.

Once your order arrives at NVB’s warehouse, it is required to ship out within 30 days of arrival as to not take up space for incoming shipments. NVB can no longer act as a storage facility and customers need to prepare to accept their orders in a more timely manner. NVB will notify you once your order arrives and reach out about scheduling the shipment. If the order(s) is/are not scheduled to ship/leave our dock within the first 30 days after the initial contact regarding your order(s) on day 31 storage fees begin to accrue and are assessed for each business day until the date your order(s) is/are shipped out.

2. Your order is given an appointment on our shipping schedule and you/the customer requests to delay the shipment for any reason.

Once you have scheduled an appointment for the shipment of your order(s), delaying the scheduled shipment will result in storage fees regardless of the 30 days to schedule rule. Our shipping schedule and dock have limited space/availability. Once the schedule is full and set, we have to turn away other customer requests to be added to the schedule or have their shipments bumped up. If you’ve been given an appointment on our shipping schedule, it is required that you keep your shipping appointment and prepare to accept your order(s). If the order(s) are delayed/rescheduled, storage fees begin to accrue the next business day and are assessed for each business day until the date your order(s) are shipped out.

3. Your order is already crated according to your scheduled shipment date but wasn’t sent out/picked up by your carrier etc. and is now taking up space on our dock.

Once you are given an appointment on our schedule to ship out your order(s), NVB starts processing those orders for shipment. Typically, your order(s) is/are crated and ready to go out by the end of the business day prior to your ship date to try to avoid any delays of your shipment on NVB’s end. Should your order be crated on our dock and the shipment/pickup of the order(s) is delayed for ANY reason, (examples: you ask to delay/push back shipment for a few days, the customer decides they are not ready, you send your own carrier and they do not show up or show up without enough space to pickup your order, your arrive in a non dock height vehicle without a team to load the equipment yourselves, etc.) storage fees begin the business day following your original ship date and are assessed for each business day until your order(s) leave our dock.

4. Your order(s) are shipped and then returned to us by the carrier for ANY reason.

Once your order(s) has/have left our dock, should the carriers not be able to deliver the shipment and have to return it to us for ANY reason, storage fees begin to accrue immediately and are assessed for each business day until your order(s) ships back out to you. Please also keep in mind in this scenario, if the carrier assesses any additional fees, you will be responsible for those as well along with the additional cost to reship your order(s) out.

Receipt of Shipment / Customer Responsibility

Before signing for your order, check to see that you are receiving the same number of cartons, bundles, welded frames, etc., indicated on your receipt. Note any shortages or visible damage on your receipt and have the driver note these also. If shortages are not noted on the receipt, replacement pieces may be repurchased at customer expense. Damage that is found after you unpack the shipment (concealed damage) must be reported to our Customer Service Center within 72 hours. Please closely inspect your shipment! Most freight companies allow 72 hours from receipt to report concealed damage. Digital photos will need to be taken. If you discover damage of any kind, DO NOT DESTROY ANY ORIGINAL SHIPPING CARTONS.

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All products are delivered knocked down (not assembled) unless otherwise noted. Detailed assembly instructions and a packing list are included in the hardware bag(s) of your shipment and should be carefully checked against the order immediately.

AAA State of Play can can install your playground equipment purchase or arrange for the installation of the equipment by a third party at the customer expense. All installation arrangements must be made prior to shipment as installation fees are not included online or on our quotes, as they are a separate fee. Any issues with the installation of the equipment must be reported to our Customer Service Center within 30 days. AAA State of Play will be given the opportunity to cure any issues with the installation. Please note that AAA State of Play is not liable or responsible for the manufacture or warranty of the equipment.

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Payment Options

AAA State of Play accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover with any phone orders. Payments may be in the form of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If purchasing with check, mail check to AAA State of Play, 10859 East Washington Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46229-2615. Purchase orders must be signed and dated with a shipping quote from one of our representatives. No orders will be processed until full payment has been received by AAA State of Play.

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AAA State of Play does not warrant any of our products personally. Each manufacturer warrants its products. These warranties vary by brand, product, and material. We make every effort to make sure any questions and concerns are dealt with to the satisfaction of the customer through the proper manufacturer. To receive detailed manufacturer warranty information on any product contact us and we will send the appropriate warranty. Warranties will not be published on this page. Any claims relating to or arising from the manufacture or warranty of the products shall be directed to the manufacture of the specific product.

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Issues, Cancellations & Returns

Replacement Parts / Concealed Damage / Missing Parts

If parts are missing from your order or damaged, email or call us within 72 hours from delivery of the goods and we will contact the appropriate manufacturer. Note this before accepting any shipment. The manufacturer will ship the missing part to you at no charge. Please do not wait to call us. After 72 hours upon arrival of goods the manufacturer will not replace missing parts. AAA State of Play is not the manufacturer of the equipment and thus is not liable or responsible for any damages to the equipment.


Items may be backordered by the manufacturer. We make every effort to display the backorder date. Backorder dates may change without notice, often before the backorder date provided. It is your responsibility to cancel any backordered item as it will ship out when in stock otherwise. If your backorder item ships, regardless of the date, and has not been canceled, you must follow our return policy.

We do not offer discounts for late deliveries. Generally the products we offer ship in the specified time frame. However, bad weather and other unexpected occurrences may slow your delivery. We will try to give you the most updated information on your shipment of goods on a weekly basis via the email or phone you provide in your customer contact information.

Availability Errors and Inaccuracies

AAA State of Play strives to continuously update our product catalog and service information on our website, but there are times we may experience delays in these updates. The information found on our website may contain inaccuracies or errors and may not be up to date or current. Innacurate prices, inaccurately described or sold out products may still be found on our website, therefore, AAA State of Play cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information found on our website at any given time. We reserve the right to change or update any and all website information, including errors or inaccuracies as needed.



Each of our vendors has their own company return policies, as well. You can find each of our suppliers’ respective return policies on our Warranties page.

Items may be returned only if still in original packaging in good condition. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable and a minimum 25% restocking fee shall be applied to all items. All products that are customized by component or color are made to order, making them ineligible for returns.

Restocking charges and all freight charges, including freight to and from your location, will apply to all returned items.


The following types of items do not qualify to be returned for a refund:
1) Any equipment that has been installed, whether by us or by you.
2) Damaged or defective goods which have been replaced with the same item at no cost.
3) Promotional items which were provided free of charge.
4) Any item(s) for which the cost did not exceed $50.00.
5) Items returned without prior written authorization from AAA State of Play.
6) Items returned more than 30 days after delivery of the product(s) to you.
7) Items attempting to be returned freight collect.
8) Rubber mulch, wood mulch, or any other loose fill surfacing product.
9) Shade products including free-standing and any incorporated into a play system.
10) Any order of products not considered a standard order. For instance a bench with no frame. Email for specifications.


Canceling orders happens for many reasons. If your order has not been processed your order may be canceled, no questions asked. Orders cannot be canceled by email or message. An order is not considered canceled until a cancellation number is given. Orders are usually processed in the first 24 hours after payment, sometimes within 1 hour. Some orders ship the same or next day, so be certain about your order because it is impossible for us to stop a shipment, and shipping costs are non-refundable. After the order has been processed there is a 25% restocking fee on all equipment purchased.

Orders which are canceled after any custom work has been done (painting, welding, etc.) or after they have been loaded on the shipping trailer, are subject to a minimum 25% cancellation fee.

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