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Bench Swings

Bench Swings

It would be hard to overestimate the appeal of swings on the playground. It seems that almost every play area designed for children includes at least one swing set, testifying to their popularity, and most of us have fond memories of playing on swings when we were kids. There is a way to make swings even more fun, however, and that is to have swings that can seat more than one person at a time. That is just what you get when you order from our swing bench catalog.

Our online selection of bench swings includes several different options that make it possible for several people to relax on the same swing at the same time. Each is built on a safe bench swing frame, which means that you do not have to be worried that the swings will collapse with the added weight of a second person. The kids under your care (and their parents) will love the extra seating room, and you will love the pricing and added options that our swinging benches provide. Just click on any model to learn more about it.

The bench swings we carry feature comfortable contoured seats like those of our park benches but with a 2 3/8-inch swing frame made of steel tubing, combining a bench and an outdoor swing. These benches are relaxing pieces of equipment for outdoors, whether it be a school, park, playground, or backyard. You can choose the bench swing frame that is best for your outdoor play space, and if you're having a hard time deciding, our customer service representatives are available to help you with your selection. We have helped many customers acquire swinging benches that meet their specific needs, so you can be sure that we can provide any needed assistance and recommendations for your project.

Whether you are improving a public play area or are working with a commercial playground, our swing bench selection is designed to improve your play space. You can also order other products from our extensive selection of equipment to construct, refurbish, or maintain your playground. We can even help you design the best outdoor play space for your needs. And you will always get the best pricing and affordable shipping on your order when you shop with us!

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