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Sales Tax

Contact us to submit your tax-exempt form! 1-877-826-2776 Contact us to submit your tax-exempt form! 1-877-826-2776

Why do we collect sales tax?

We are now required to collect sales taxes in the vast majority of states due to low sales thresholds implemented.

What is a threshold?

Either the amount of sales processed in a state (in dollars total) or the number of transactions processed in a state in a calendar year (quantity of transactions).

*Thresholds may change due to state requirements and pending legislation.

Find Out About Your Purchase and Taxes

How do you submit your tax-exempt status to AAA State of Play?

We accept this by fax or email. Contact a sales representative today to inquire about the status of your request.

With the assistance of Avalara we can calculate the tax due (if any amount due) based off your location and product classification.

Who can qualify for tax exempt certificate?





Government Entities

Resell Merchants

*Must file with your state to receive your tax-exempt status.

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