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Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect Play Equipment Solutions from AAA State of Play

  • Like one of our standard structures but wish you could change a few things? Now you can! Customize any of our standard structures to fit your needs.
  • Start your design completely from scratch! Design something totally unique that no one else will have.
  • Design playgrounds that blend in wonderfully with the surrounding landscape.

As a landscape architect, you are most likely looking to create a playground that is natural looking. It needs to be able to complement the landscape surrounding it, without looking too outlandish. The problem you probably run into is that most structures are standard. Meaning they only come as pictured. We are able to design something totally unique to your project, meeting every want and need!

Our designers can work with you to create something specifically for your project. Just provide us with the use zone, age group, budget, and any specifications you want and we can provide you with CAD files and renderings that will show you what your finished project will look like. These files help you understand exactly what you are getting and how to place it in your specified area. These can be used as presentation materials to help you win your bid or simply finish your project.

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