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School Playgrounds and Play Equipment

School Play Equipment Solutions from AAA State of Play

  • Children spend approximately 1,100 hours a year in school. While most of that time is spent in the classroom learning, a portion of that time is devoted to play!
  • Recess is a time for children to exercise, burn off energy, and stay fit and active. They also build their social skills during recess.
  • Reducing playground injuries is as easy as supervising during play. High quality equipment is another way to reduce injury.

Building school playgrounds is always an enjoyable experience for us! We love bringing new and exciting equipment for children to enjoy.

With so much equipment to offer these days, it can be a little overwhelming to go through it all and decide what is best for your school. As a place to start, we have compiled some of our past customers' favorite items that they have chosen for their schools. Every school's needs are different, so if you have specific questions or concerns just contact us!

Having an inviting play space is a vital asset for any school as students greatly benefit from active play during recess. Playground activity fosters physical, social, and cognitive growth that is integral to students' well-being and educational experience. Choosing the right school play equipment can help facilitate more effective play time. Creating a fun and functional playground encourages such activity and helps students take advantage of the benefits of active play. Before your buy new school playground equipment consider the different types of equipment available and their different roles in students' physical, social, and cognitive development.

Physical Benefits of School Playgrounds

Play time is particularly important in our increasingly sedentary world. As students spend more time online and indoors, having an appealing school playground helps encourage physical activity and engagement during the school day. Students improve their overall health while playing with all types of outdoor school playground equipment. Students increase their muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness as they spend time climbing, swinging, and sliding on traditional play structures or play with sports equipment like tetherballs and kick balls. Even imaginative and educational school play equipment offers a number of physical benefits. Students improve their coordination, stability, and other fine motor skills as they navigate game-based equipment, imaginative play structures, and learning stations. Schools can further encourage physical fitness on the playground by introducing curriculums involving games, exercises, and challenges utilizing playground equipment. Promoting movement and teaching good fitness habits to students via the playground can translate to increased physical activity outside of school hours and cultivate a lifelong interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Social and Cognitive Benefits of School Playgrounds

Not only does active play promote physical fitness, play time is also important to developing social and cognitive skills. Cognitive growth is readily apparent when students play with educational playground equipment like nature-based learning stations or arts and music stations, but children also develop cognitive skills while playing with traditional play structures. As children come up with games and challenges while playing on active play structures, they apply their problem solving skills and stretch their imaginations. Whether it's creating a fantastic adventure while playing in an imaginative play structure or finding new ways to get to the top of a climbing structure, kids improve their cognitive skills during active play. Students challenge their sense of competition through races and contests on equipment like slides, swings, and climbing structures. All of these physical activities also help students develop their social skills as they learn about team work and cooperation. They must learn to share equipment, take turns, compromise during imaginative games, and learn to resolve the inevitable interpersonal challenges and conflicts that arise during play time. All of these skills lead to emotional growth and help students function better in the classroom as they apply the same problem solving skills and tenacity to the learning process.

Browse our online shop for safe, durable, and affordable playground equipment for schools. AAA State of Play specializes in institutional play equipment and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your school's specific equipment needs. We offer a wide array of quality commercial grade equipment ideal for use in a school playground. You can also purchase other playground equipment for schools including surfacing materials, sports equipment, outdoor seating, and more. AAA State of Play is committed to providing customers with a smooth ordering experience. Not only can you contact us with any questions by phone or live chat, we also offer fast delivery and installation assistance.

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