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Exemplary Customer Service

AAA State of Play knows playgrounds inside and out. We handle everything from simple replacement hardware to elaborate structures with capacities for hundreds of occupants.

Our staff is proud of this product understanding and are ready to share that wisdom with you. This hardworking team of support specialists, troubleshooters, salespeople, designers and installers can transform any site into a community recreation destination!

Our job is to advise you during initial planning and then continue to provide outstanding assistance post-sale. We are a group of REAL and friendly people willing to work with you as long as necessary to get the desired results and make your project a success.

What Makes Us Excellent?

Our personnel work together to ensure every customer is satisfied along the purchasing process. We are a proven industry leader with over a decade of experience making playground dreams a reality.

Many of our employees hold Certified Public Safety Inspector (CPSI) verification and are trained to identify potential hazards and guide clients on how to best protect children from play injuries. We know how to keep kids having fun while staying safe on the playground.

AAA State of Play’s diverse lineup of affordable commercial-grade equipment and our commitment to a full-service customer experience make us the natural choice for first-time buyers and veteran site managers.

How Can We Help?

AAA State of Play believes in bringing people together and enhancing children’s lives through play. Our website features reasonably priced equipment that meets the highest standards of safety and durability. Founded in 2006, our company has since sold quality play items to customers across all the United States and in several countries internationally.

We’ve worked with playground planners at schools, corporations, malls, town councils, and parks departments, just to name a few. No matter your organization type or site qualities, reach out to us to discuss your options - we can often customize equipment to better suit your needs! For a free consultation and price quote, call us at 1-877-826-2777 or email us.

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