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Playground Design

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Inspiring Play

Amazing play spaces begin with great design. That is why we strive to design play environments that inspire people of all ages and abilities to have fun, socialize, learn, and play together. Any playground can look good, but our extensive industry experience can make your site stand out from the rest. We can help you promote the goals of your organization and provide high play value for children and families.

Our veteran team of Certified Public Safety Inspector (CPSI) designers will work within your budget, space restrictions and overall project goals. They can translate your vision into a unique, safe, aesthetically pleasing and functional recreation site for your community.

To assist you prior to building, our designers create lifelike renderings and organize planning documents that can help you better visualize a playground and generate buy-in from decision makers. These materials are complementary and perfect for business presentations, town council meetings, fundraisers and more! We offer the following design services:

Things To Consider

Before putting pencil to paper and drawing up a new playground, there are a few things to keep in mind. Schedule a date to meet with key community stakeholders and draft a list of goals for the project. These might include points like “promote physical activity & fitness,” or “increase neighborhood socializing.” We also recommend answering the following questions before making any major design decisions:

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Fully Customizable Playgrounds

We offer hundreds of standard playground models to help get you started in the process. As industry leaders in affordable and high-quality playground equipment, we’ve designed these structures to stand on their own. But they may also inspire the creation of a completely custom, unique structure for your space.

We have product lines suitable for a variety of age groups, child capacities, and physical spaces. See a structure you like but want to change the slide? Or like a product’s shape and play features but not its paint scheme? These are simple modifications for us to perform and just a couple of examples of our capabilities. This is the advantage of working with AAA State of Play: unique playgrounds catering to your specific needs. Customizing options can include:

Designing a Playground for Everyone

A playground designed with everyone in mind is a wonderful thing. Whether you are wanting to add a wheelchair accessible play element or build an entirely new inclusive playground, our designers’ expansive knowledge of ADA compliance and accessibility issues can help reach your objective. Children with special needs should have a place to let loose and enjoy playing with their friends. Developing an accessible and inclusive play area could include elements like:

Ground-level elements like activity panels and musical instruments guarantee that kids with physical limitations can play alongside their pals. Accessible seesaws and merry-go-rounds allow for children with varying physical abilities to play together, promoting socialization and friendship. Swing sets are a staple of most playgrounds and several include ADA compliant seats that incorporate supportive features and safety harnesses. Poured rubber surfacing allows wheelchair users to navigate the play area more easily than they could on traditional mulch surfaces.

We know what it takes to make a playground inclusive and our design team can make your vision a reality. They are prepared to merge your goals and ideas with their seasoned knowledge and creativity to generate safe, accessible and inclusive playgrounds for everyone.

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