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Recycled Rubber Mulch (2,000 lb Super Sack)

  • Recycled Rubber Mulch (2,000 lb Super Sack)
  • Recycled Rubber Mulch (2,000 lb Super Sack)
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  • Recycled Rubber Mulch (2,000 lb Super Sack)

Recycled Rubber Mulch (2,000 lb Super Sack)

Manufacturer: Playsafer

2,000.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
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$315.00 You Save: 16%($60.00)

Product Highlights:
  • Guaranteed to be 99.9% steel-free
  • IPEMA Certified Playground Safety Surface
  • Non-toxic and non-staining
  • Handicap accessible when installed at a non-compacted depth of 6-inches
  • Will not blow or wash away from normal high winds or heavy rains

Rubber Playground Mulch in Bulk (2,000 lb. Super Sack)

Provide a safe surface for your play area with recycled rubber mulch. This type of playground surfacing is an affordable, effective, cleaner, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to wood mulch. It is non-staining, quick-drying, odor-free, and non-toxic. Many of our customers choose to buy rubber playground mulch in bulk with us because of its long-lasting effectiveness as well as its affordable price. Manufactured by one of the most recognizable brands in the industry, Playsafer, this type of safe surfacing is made from recycled rubber chips. Rather than filling landfills and sitting there for years, this shredded recycled rubber mulch can continue to serve the important purpose of keeping kids in your community safe.

Our Numerous Options for Rubber Playground Mulch

  • Quantity options: We have several rubber mulch bulk options for community organizers to consider. This option includes buying the mulch in one-ton super sacks, which are easy to move around the playground area with a forklift (as seen in the video provided). Note that you can also buy this product as 50 single 40-pound bags.
  • Color options: Black is standard, with colors available for an additional cost. Consider getting a color that matches your school's colors or the color of the other equipment on your playground! Rubber mulch can come in several colors: terracotta red, forest green, royal blue, cocoa brown, cypress tan, or natural black.
  • Border options: We recommend purchasing playground rubber mulch with a border that's ADA-compliant to better contain the material. Many choose to buy a rubber border along with a wheelchair ramp when they purchase this type of surfacing.

Create a Safer Playground

The rubber mulch for sale on our site is IPEMA-certified and ADA-compliant. This is a long-lasting solution that can protect children from damaging themselves during the inevitable falls that happen frequently at playgrounds. As many as 200,000 children per year are treated in emergency departments after playground-related injuries. Let's lower this statistic by creating safer play areas for kids. Safer surfacing is one of the top things to consider when planning or rejuvenating a play area. That's why it's important for us at AAA State of Play to offer schools and communities a way to invest in more affordable rubber mulch. Bulk purchases lower the cost to even wholesale prices, making it a realistic option for many communities.

Please contact an AAA State of Play sales associate at (877) 826-2776 to learn more about our surfacing options and which type would be best to correspond with your commercial playground equipment. Request a quote online today, and create a safer playground surface for children in your local community tomorrow!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to the impossibility processing returns, ALL MULCH SALES ARE FINAL. The manufacturer will not accept returns under any circumstance.

Warranty Information

50 years Impact Performance
8 years Against Total Color Loss

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